Top 6 Kpop MVs: Non-Stop Summer Spin

My summer soundtrack is quickly filling up with LOTS of great songs! New tunes from long-time faves and unexpected discoveries from artists fresh to the Kpop scene have me reveling in music NON-STOP! Come check out what I’ve got spinning this week—

BTS – ‘Yet to Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)’

The countdown is over and the newest album (PROOF) from BTS is here!!! ‘Yet to Come’ is a beautiful pop-ballad reflecting on the group’s past nine years. But it also holds the promise that they will continue bringing their best as the future unfolds. The simple MV gives all the focus to their soulful vocals and raps and the special visual references to their past discography just make the lyrics that much more emotional . . .

AB6IX – ‘Savior’

AB6IX is exploring their dark side with the sound and visuals of their new title track, ‘Savior’. I love the push and pull between the pre-chorus build-up and chorus drop! I’m also appreciating the lower vocal tone of the group – it’s a bit unexpected when combined with their youthful visuals!

BLANK2Y – ‘Thumbs Up’

This 9-member rookie group is bringing their A-game with their recent debut MV! They’ve coupled a driving beat with punchy choreography and a variety of strong voices. I’m going to give their entrance to the Kpop scene a . . . thumbs up!

Jo Yuri – ‘Love Shhh!’

Maybe you’re looking for something a bit brighter to add to your playlist this week. In that case, I’m delighted to share this new song from Jo Yuri. Her styling and sound feels like a mix of IU and Suzy – I’m really enjoying this colorful summer bop!!

Victon – ‘Stupid O’Clock’

Victon is back and ready to do some damage with their dark and sultry title track – I was bewitched from the opening beat. With polished vocals and smooth choreo, it’s hard not to be captivated by ‘Stupid O’Clock’!

Kang Daniel – ‘Parade’

Kang Daniel is quickly moving up my list of favorite solo artists! This music video for ‘Parade’ is a prime example of his musical versatility and vocal charisma. I was dubious when I first heard the discordant strains of the opening verses, but then the chorus hit and I was ALL IN for this song – I love it!!

What songs from your summer playlist are on permanent repeat? Drop down and hype up your faves in the comments below!



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