Top 5 Kpop MVs: Summer Classics

As summer rolls its vicious way through my part of the world, I find myself turning to my favorite summer bops to keep my spirits up! These happy little tracks help me get my mind off the heat, and sometimes even help me remember all the reasons why I like summer. Come see if these songs should be on your summer listening list!

ZICO – “Summer Hate” (2020)

This is my favorite summer song of all time, and has been since the moment it hit YouTube. I grew up in Arizona – desert – and now live in Texas, which pretends to be the desert for a few months of the year. Zico gets it! The melting, the hogging of the fan, all of it. Except for wearing a sweatshirt in the summer, because WHO DOES THAT? 

Stray Kids – “Get Cool” (2018)

So this song might be more about making your own luck, but since my primary objective in summertime is to Get Cool, it’s a summer song to me, and always has been. Also, check out how Kim Woojin’s vocals add to the Stray Kids’ vocal tapestry. I’m so glad he’s building a solid solo career!

ATEEZ – “Wave” (2019)

ATEEZ burst onto the kpop scene in late 2018, so Treasure Ep.3 was their first summer album and they ROCKED it. This MV captures the freedom of summertime perfectly, and the whole album is one of my summer favorites. You shouldn’t miss “Utopia,” “Illusion,” or “Dancing Like Butterfly Wings” either. 

Winner – “Ah Yeah” (2019)

This is a post-breakup song, but it still feels like summer to me. We have fake beach scenes, movie theaters, and hanging out with friends doing nothing – all of it definitely adds to that easy breezy summer feeling. 

SF9 – “Summer Breeze” (2020)

The modernized Old West feel of this MV, paired with the storyline, makes it feel like a short summer blockbuster, and I am HERE for it! I have been since the MV came out in 2020. Pull out the popcorn and enjoy, won’t you?

BONUS TRACK: SVT Leader – “Cheers”

This song isn’t a classic – yet – and it’s not necessarily about summer, but I’m loving the Leaders subunit of Seventeen. The solid hip hop groove pairs well with the underground feel of the MV, and it is SO MUCH FUN to bop along to. 

What songs do you listen to in the summertime, music fans? Drop down in the comments and let me know! I could always use another bop to add to my list. And for your listening pleasure, I put these bops into a YouTube playlist just for you. Yes, YOU.

Until the next car ride with the windows down and the music blasting, I remain —

Karie the Maknae

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