Top 5 MVs: K-Pop Lite

Most of the time Kpop transcends its native lyrics and the songs themselves speak to listeners world-wide. But sometimes, listening to a song in my native language is a treat, because I can freely sing along with some of my favorite Asian artists! Additionally, these songs can be the perfect share with friends and family who aren’t quite ready to take the plunge into regular Kpop. Ready to give these great tracks a spin? Check them out below!!

ONEWE – ‘Gravity’

I’ve been a big fan of ONEWE for years, and was super surprised when they dropped a full-length English album last month! I’m jamming to the new song ‘Gravity’ — it’s got a great, slow-rock vibe and the post-bridge guitar solo is fantastic! 

Henry – ‘Moonlight’

Moonlight? Sunlight? This song has me dancing no matter what time of day it spins up on my playlist! Dancing is always a great way to de-stress and with a sweet tune like this, it’s the perfect combo! 

TXT – ‘Devil by the Window’

This B-side from TXT’s recent album drop is a hypnotizing song that quickly grabs on and doesn’t let go! The members’ vocals and choreo complete the package, and I’ve found myself enjoying this song even more than the title track!

Jay Park – ‘Yesterday’

This sweet love song is very simple in it’s instrumentation, but alongside Jay Park’s raspy vocals it’s a beautiful emotional journey! 

Lucy Band – ‘Never in Vain’

This song is another B-side off Lucy’s recent album Insert Coin, so they have yet to perform it live. But that’s okay, because you can 100% focus your listening on this mixed synth-pop/strings treat. I love the build-up and chorus drop especially!! 

Normally I prefer my Kpop in Korean, but every once in a while I find some English gems like these! If you have any English-lyric Kpop faves, share them with me in the comments below!!



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2 thoughts on “Top 5 MVs: K-Pop Lite

  1. OMG! Your blog is the only blog among the search results of the word “KPop” that interests me. I began loving KPop music for about 3 years now, and Twice is the root of my KPop music appreciation. 🤣
    Though, up until now, I’m not interested with other bands/groups/soloists other than Twice (I’m definitely a ONCE!) and Blackpink (but I only know a few of their songs, not a big fan YET).
    Your blog will definitely help me venture more in the KPop world and also KDramas, as well as books! I was actually really going to be putting up similar blog posts as yours soon. I’m so happy I found your blog. Thanks for inspiring me! Now I just have to find time to read all your posts. 🤣
    PS: I have been trying find Twice on your posts, but I can’t seem to find them on your recent postings.
    Anyway, bye! I hope we can be blog friends. See ya ~

    • Glad we can keep you entertained! MiataMama and I (the Maknae) tend to prefer other groups — your blog could definitely fill in the Twice gap for us! Post a link here in the comments and we’ll definitely check it out.

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