Top Kpop Practice Room Videos: Precision, Passion & Playfulness

Kpop fans, can you believe we’re already halfway through 2023?! And it’s been a while (over two years actually – what?!) since the last time I shared some of my favorite dance practice videos. So I’m back with a brand new batch of fantastic footwork and figures, performed by some of my favorite groups in Kpop!! Check them all out after the jump—

Seventeen – ‘Super’

Seventeen continues to be one of THE MOST gratifying teams to watch when it come to precision in their choreography! Their postures are ALWAYS crisp and neat, and they maintain a fluidity with their figures that creates a beautiful balance in their movement — it’s impossible to beat by any rival kpop acts!! I especially love the variations on wave style choreo that they showcased with the help of their backup dancers on this particular song!!

ATEEZ – ‘Halazia’

You can always rest assured that ATEEZ choreography will not only be EXTREMELY detailed and challenging, but also a work of (performance) ART! The juxtaposition of powerful choreo with the haunting melody of this song is sheer perfection. I especially love that you can pause the dance in many places throughout and their poses look like they could be stolen straight out of a renaissance-era painting — beautiful!!

Enhypen – ‘Bite Me’

Enhypen is another group that conscientiously utilizes their backup dancers to help them execute eye-catching figures within their choreography! I loved the push-and-pull of fast and slow movements that accentuated the rhythms of the song. And I was also delighted to see the inclusion of Latin-style ballroom steps with the female dancers — again, this really highlighted the storytelling of the song!!

WayV – ‘Phantom’

I’ve always had great admiration for Ten and WinWin’s dance skills, but the rest of the WayV team are bringing their A-game with this choreography too! Strong poses coupled with soft edges makes for a mesmerizing watch. My favorite parts are the syncopated moves that were incorporated into the choreo — the sound of stomps and claps is so grounding in contrast to the bright and eerie melody of the song!!

iKON – ‘JikJin’ (Treasure Cover)

Shhh…. Don’t tell Treasure, but I might actually love this cover from their company seniors even better than the original! iKon brings their own hip-hop dance styling and signature ending-chorus, dance-party-session to this version, just making it SO MUCH FUN to watch!!

Tempest – ‘Full of Happiness’ (H.O.T Cover)

There’s no denying that First Generation Kpop choreography looks nothing like what it has evolved into today. BUT there is a huge element of fun to that styling that Tempest channeled perfectly in this great homage to H.O.T. — I love their energy and playfulness!!

Xikers – ‘Tricky House’

Before they officially became Xikers, KQ Fellaz 2 performed their song ‘Tricky House’ during their pre-debut promotions. This particular video is actually a “mission” dance, where they have to keep going when the song slows down, speeds up, and even drops out while they are performing it. It’s a testament to a group to be able to keep up with this rollercoaster of changes, which the Xikers team did flawlessly — AND they had a blast while doing it!!

I love to dance and definitely have a special affinity for dance practice videos, so if you have any gems you want me to check out, be sure to share them with me in the comments below!!



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