Top 8 Kpop MVs: Blazing Hot Beats

I’m SUPER excited to share this week’s new tracks!! Topping the list are comebacks from 2nd and 3rd gen Kpop powerhouses, plus fresh songs from 4th gen favorites!! These MVs showcase bright and sunny summer bops, as well as concept-driven aesthetics with a moodier vibe. Kpop enthusiasts, are you ready to hit play?!


Debuting in 2010, TEEN TOP surprised fans with news of a comeback this summer and I am ALL IN with this refreshing seaside romp!! Loving the sunny backdrop on this equally sunny bop. It makes my young-at-heart-self so happy to see boy groups coming back together post-military — good music has no age limit!!

SHINee – ‘Hard’

SHINee’s youngest member, Taemin, has recently returned from his military service and the team is reunited once again! They are most definitely bringing the fire this comeback, because this track hits HARD. From the opening piano beats to the vocal harmonies to the funky chorus drop and smooth bridge, I think we can all agree SHINee’s back and better than ever!

UKISS – ‘The Wonderful Escape’

So I have a very special place in my heart for UKISS, as they were the very first Kpop group’s MV I watched waaaay back in 2011. I fell in love with Neverland and am THRILLED that they are back this summer (after TEN years), with a brand new Korean album!! This title track combines a contemporary beat with their signature sound seamlessly, and I love the playful MV that completes the whole package — perfect summer playlist addition!!

EXO – ‘Hear Me Out’

Slow and groovy best describes this newest single from EXO — totally feeling the lazy summer vibes with their MV too. (I will be enjoying this full 8-member track while EXO’s two youngest finish their military obligations.) Sit back and soak up all the individual raps and vocal talents of each member. And those harmonies — SO smooth!!

ITZY – ‘Bet On Me’

This pre-comeback release from ITZY starts off full-speed and doesn’t let up! The push-and-pull between the driving heartbeat-mimicking bass line and the pre-chorus slow down focusing on vocal harmonies is very well done and keeps me hitting that replay button. Looking forward to checking out their full album drop at the end of July!!

NCT DREAM – ‘Broken Melodies’

Out of all the NCT units, Dream is probably my favorite and this fact was cemented with the release of their recent comeback title track. ‘Broken Melodies’ feels like a bittersweet, high-school musical and has me all up in my feels! Definitely one of those songs that’s got this fangirl singing along at full volume!!

AB6IX – ‘Loser’

AB6IX returns with their 7th EP this summer, and before the moody and darker styling of the MV distracts you, I need you to know that the title track ‘Loser’ is, in fact, a total bop!! I was happy to see them claim their first music show win with this song as well — love when smaller groups get a well-deserved moment in the spotlight!! 

WEi – ‘Overdrive’

And because I just can’t get enough of the high-energy, sunshine vibes, I shall leave you with this newest tune from Wei! Am I dancing in my chair as I write up this recommendation? Yes, YES I AM!! Get out there and enjoy your summer with this fun song as your soundtrack.

My playlist just exploded and I’m not complaining one bit — bring on ALL the new music!! Which of this week’s hot new tracks was YOUR favorite? Drop down to the comments and let me know!!



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