Kpop MVs: Spicing Up Your Playlist 

They say variety is the spice of life, so this week I’m stepping away from our regular Kpop fare and serving up some choice music from the worlds of C-pop, T-pop and J-pop!  The menu features soloists and energetic teams, showcasing pop beats and indie vibes. Ready to sample this eclectic collection? Let’s dive in!!

Hua Chen Yu – ‘Fly Mode’

Bagpipes in C-pop? Yes!!! I absolutely admit that those bagpipes sucked me in and I have no regrets!! ‘Fly Mode’ takes us on a quirky journey, weaving together traditional and electronic instruments while contrasting deep-toned chants with Hua Chen Yu’s lilting vocals — it’s just fun!! 

JUN – ‘Psycho’

Seventeen’s JUN recently dropped a new single in his native tongue: Mandarin! I’m unexpectedly transfixed by this unusual song — the styling, choreography, and lyrics all combine to embrace and accentuate the discordant edge hiding in the melody. 

The7 – ‘Get Loose’

I recently stumbled upon this newly debuted T-pop group, whose members are a mix of Thai and Korean! Their first single is a refreshing, youthful bop and to my surprise, sung entirely in English. Curious to see future releases from this team!!

Tilly Birds – ‘Can’t Keep Up’

Formed in 2011, Tilly Birds is an alternative rock-band trio based out of Bangkok. I was swept up in the movie-style MV accompanying their title track, ‘Can’t Keep Up’, from their recent album It’s Gonna Be OK. With an unhurried rhythm and smooth vocals, the song is sweet yet wistful and tinged with regret. Will this story have a fairy-tale ending?  

&TEAM – ‘Firework’

Hybe’s Japanese boy group returns with their first comeback and I’m pleased to share it’s just as solid as their debut release! ‘Firework’ has a strong, driving beat coupled with an angsty, teenage vibe that’s got me grooving along from start to finish — I’m loving it!!

NiziU – ‘Coconut’

JYP’s Japanese girl group NiziU is dropping in this summer with a new, tropical-flavored title track! I’m enjoying the bright and sunny concept, and the breezy, harmonious vocals —a perfect island mood!!

Bonus Track: Stray Kids – ‘Fam’

Because every meal needs a sweet treat, I’m wrapping up with this adorable, concert-filmed MV!! ‘Fam’ features the Stray Kids taking turns introducing each other (from youngest to oldest) in song. It’s brilliant and SO much fun hearing the spot on descriptions of each member — I’m all smiles every time I watch!!

I love stepping outside my comfort zone and experiencing new genres! Any of these fresh tracks matching your taste?? Let me know in the comments below!!



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