Top 5 Kpop MVs: Cinematic Escapades

Kpop MVs are often like mini-movies. Stories are crafted to match the mood of the individual song and oftentimes to tie that singular story into the overarching theme of an artist’s album series. This week’s top picks definitely give me movie feels. Whether they give the impression of a big-budget blockbuster, a vibrant musical, or an emo-indie vibe, these MVs will be sure to come to mind when the tracks next queue up on your music shuffle!! 

Infinite – ‘New Emotions’

Infinite is joining this summer’s slew of veteran Kpop groups having post-military service comebacks! No longer under contract with their previous management, the six active members have formed their own agency, fully self-producing their newest album. And it’s excellent!! The back-and-forth of the vocals and bass beats is mirrored visually in black and white styling throughout this action-packed MV. Music, visuals, performance — Infinite is back and better than ever!! 

U-Know – ‘NEXUS’ (Reality Show) 

With his experience as a member of TVXQ, as well as acting on the small screen and stage musicals, theatrical music videos are perfectly suited to U-Know! His recent MV, at almost 14 minutes long, is very intriguing. Broken into chapters, it’s a mini-movie with an overarching storyline reflecting the theme of his newest album, Reality Show. However, unlike normal MVs that focus on a singular title track, this video weaves a portion of each song from the track list. It’s like an album sampler, but on steroids, and I love it!! 

(G)I-DLE – ‘I Do’

I adored this sci-fi themed MV, set to (G)I-DLE’s recent single release ‘I Do’. The producers brilliantly condensed and captured the whole rollercoaster of emotions of 2-hour long movie plot in the span of 5-minute MV. If you’re like me, you’ll need to go back and watch a second time to actually focus on the music — the 80’s synth-pop sound is the perfect soundtrack for this cute alien love story!!

Eric Nam – ‘Don’t Leave Yet’

Eric Nam is back with two new singles, and while they are both great, I’m loving ‘Don’t Leave Yet’ and it’s accompanying MV! Struggles, heartbreak, loneliness. . . running away isn’t the answer; sometimes you need to dance! The mood of the video and the warm tones of the film styling, plus the freestyle fluidity of the choreography, gave me hints of The Greatest Showman — I loved the musical show vibes!!

Mingi (ATEEZ) – ‘Untitled’

I can’t begin to tell you how this song makes me feel. Even without looking at the lyrics, the raw emotion and vulnerability that is conveyed through his music and the flow of his vocals and raps has me choked up. A self-written, mixtape style song, Mingi shared this heartfelt track with fans as a gift to celebrate his recent birthday. The accompanying rainy night MV perfectly complements the mood — this is definitely one of those songs that will resonate and comfort on tough days. . . 

What do you think, Kpop fans? Have a favorite MV with a cinematic vibe you’d like to share? Drop it for me in the comments below!! 



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