Top 5 Kpop MVs: Surprise Comebacks!

Since my passion is Kpop, I am ALL OVER the new release calendar like kimchi on rice! But when I’m not obsessively fangirling, I’m also a crazy-busy mom, so inevitably a few songs slip under my radar each month. This week’s playlist is a whole package of delightful surprises!! Big names and newbies and artists who have been quiet for a bit — it’s a great mix! Are you ready to push play?!

iKON – ‘Panorama’

I was SUPER excited to see a new song from iKON on my YouTube feed this morning! I absolutely love the refreshing and light sound of this single. I’m also appreciating how good they all look in the story-style MV. In fact, they did an additional ‘Drama Ver’ video that’s more like a mini-movie — both are great! The only thing missing? Those dance party vibes I’ve come to expect at the end of iKON’s songs!

BZ-BOYS – ‘Outlaw’

This new-to-me group debuted in 2019, and ‘Outlaw’ (from their EP of the same name) is their first release since early 2022! The performance style MV they’ve dropped showcases their dance talents well. Music-wise, I’m very much enjoying the subtle Latin undertones and that gorgeous, sustained high-note at the end of bridge! Happy to add this hidden gem to my regular playlist!!

xikers – ‘Homeboy’

A follow-up to their title track off their first comeback album, ‘Homeboy’ is a great pop ballad with nostalgic feels. The group harmonies and the bright summer styling of MV come together for the perfect audio-visual blend! (I might have gotten a little emo over the gap left in some of the formations – wishing a speedy recovery for their injured member sitting out this round of promotions!)


It’s been a hot minute since Loco last dropped a new single! Don’t let his bright smile and the upbeat rhythms of this song gloss over the fact that his lyrics dive deep. It’s a candid glimpse into all the ups and downs of being in the spotlight as a pop star. I can’t help but hit replay on this track — giving Loco ALL the love!!

Agust D – ‘Snooze’ (feat. Woosung & Ryuichi Sakamoto)

Okay, I’m ashamed to admit that I only just saw this MV for the first time today — FOUR months later! Aigoo. But after watching, I knew I HAD to share it with you all. I have so much respect and admiration for Min Yoongi — his caliber of artistry is above and beyond much of the Kpop industry. Make sure the subtitles are ON, because you do not want to miss one word. Make sure your volume is UP, because his rap flows are unmatchable. And the inclusion of Woosung’s unmistakable vocals for the chorus was absolute perfection! It’s not often songs make me break out into tears . . . but this one? This one hit hard. 

Loved all these surprise attacks! What songs have snuck onto your playlist recently? Share those titles with me in the comments!!



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2 thoughts on “Top 5 Kpop MVs: Surprise Comebacks!

  1. Can’t believe I missed Loco’s new song, glad I went through this list! Love the beats.
    Panorama is growing in me.
    I’ve been wondering is the blue thingy in Xikers’ MV indicates the missing member?
    Oh yes, Yoongi’s hits me hard too! His works is so raw that can easily touch the deepest side of my heart.

    • Yeay! Glad you’re enjoying all the new songs too!! So many different moods and emotions covered in this group of songs!!
      Not sure what the blue light thing in the Xikers MV is supposed to represent… I don’t *think* it’s supposed to represent JungHoon though.

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