Top 5 Kpop MVs: Work Hard, Play Hard!

Maybe you’re struggling through the daily workday grind. Or maybe you’re kicking back and enjoying some much-needed free time. Either way, this week’s featured MVs are sure to strike a chord! Join me as I highlight some sensational solo artists, each grooving through the day in their own way! 

Key – ‘Good & Great’

Work might be a boring routine, or often times a little crazy and overwhelming. Yet no matter how the work day goes down, Key shares this simple mantra to keep focused and grateful. I love the music, I love the choreo, and I love the positive message!! A great song to kick off Key’s newest comeback!!

Kim Sung Kyu – ‘Small Talk’

Maybe you crave the interaction with others that your workday brings? Infinte’s Kim Sung Kyu can relate! I’m digging the smooth vocals and groovy vibe of this song. Plus, the accompanying MV humorously showcases the differences between the extroverts and introverts in the workplace! 

Kim Jae Hwan – ‘Lucky’

Workday done? Looking for a good song to transition into your downtime?? You’re in luck — just join Kim Jae Hwan in this fun and funky new bop!! Even if you’ve had the longest of days, the upbeat rhythm (and the bonus rap break with iKon’s Bobby) will have you up and dancing and feeling re-energized in no time!! 아싸!!

Yoon Ji Sung – ‘Summer Island’

Already thinking about the weekend and hoping to make the most of those last fleeting days of summer?? I’ve got the perfect soundtrack for your day trip to the park or beach!! ‘Summer Island’ evokes images of sunshine and refreshing breezes via the bright and playful mood of the song and MV. I’m loving it!!

Kim Woo Jin – ‘On My Way’

And last, but definitely NOT least, I’m sharing this fantastic new track from Kim Woo Jin! An energetic and encouraging bop, ‘On My Way’ is the perfect anthem for the rebels and dreamers out there. If you can’t get enough of this song, I highly recommend checking out the full album The Moment: Bounce 美成年 as well — it’s a no-skip treasure for me!!

Are you working hard or playing hard this week? Let me know which song you connected with most!! 

Until next week—


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