Top 8 MVs: The Lovely Ladies of K-Pop

My fellow fans, it has come to my attention that I have been very remiss in giving the ladies of K-Pop some much deserved love. There are plenty of popular girl groups and soloists taking center stage this year! But what about all the amazing talent that may not have reached your weekly headlines?? I love highlighting artists that aren’t always heavily promoted — there is an abundance of amazing talent and great music out there. Come check out this selection of favorites with me!! 

Donna – ‘Lovely’

Donna is brand new to me, but I instantly fell in love with her beautiful voice and this song! The relaxed setting and the light & chill sound of her music fits my island-dwelling vibe perfectly — so lovely!!

StayC – ‘Bubble’

This energetic bop from StayC is hitting all the right notes for me! From the strings filled intro to the EDM-focused chorus, the dance beat is strong throughout — it’s impossible to sit still while this song is playing!! 

Swan – ‘Twenty’

Also a new discovery to me, I am very much enjoying Swan’s gorgeous, jazz-style vocals! The beautiful color palette and the dreamy, yet elegant, styling of the MV totally complements the song as well. And, bonus, the “let’s dance” message of the lyrics is just the perfect cherry on top for this listener!!

Rocket Punch – ‘Boom’

I am always a sucker for the retro doo-wop styling that is occasionally infused into K-pop songs. ‘Boom’ is the perfect example of that fusion! This song is so cute and fun — the ladies of Rocket Punch are rockin’ it!!

Sandara Park – ‘Festival’

Former 2NE1 member Dara is back with a new single and it’s a bop! Love the positive message of the song and the sugar-sweet styling of the MV. But what delights me most is seeing an artist only a few years my junior still out there rivaling all the young girls!! 

Weeekly – ‘Good Day’

Do you hear that electric guitar? Weeekly is bringing an edgy, girl-power vibe and I’m here for it!! This special MV for their fans (Daileee) is with packed with energy and sassy confidence — couldn’t help but add this one to the playlist right away!! 

Kim Se Jeong – ‘Voyage’

I’m most familiar with Kim Se Jeong the actress (loved her in Business Proposal!!). It was only after she dropped her new solo album that I discovered she was a former I.O.I. member. Her vocals are absolutely beautiful, and this folksy-pop fusion song is positively delightful!!

Rolling Quartz – ‘Fearless’

Rolling Quartz’s recently release single is a total banger! These ladies continue to prove that the rock band scene isn’t just for the boys. Their talent on their respective instruments is impressive, as is their powerful stage presence — ROCK ON!!!

I’m super excited about all these new additions to my playlist! Keep the praises coming — tell me about your favorite ladies of K-Pop in the comments below!! 



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  1. I just gave a listen to Lovely on Spotify and damn that song is amazing. I didn’t know about her. I think am going to listen to the whole discography. Thanks to you I got to know this gem☺️

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