Top 10 Kpop MVs: Comeback Overload!

Last week was a perfect storm of too many obligations and a stray cold bug that decided I would be a cozy host. . .  I think I ran out of energy around Wednesday?! Did the Kpop MV drop schedule have mercy on me and my plight to survive the week?? NO, no, it did not!!! So fast-forward to this week, where the abundance of new music made my task of selecting the best-of-the-best most daunting! Spoiler: It’s a line-up of big names and incredible music — are you ready to jump in?!

Seventeen – ‘God of Music’

Seventeen is back with a total bop of a title track! I love this homage to their love of music — the video is vibrant and the chorus catchy. Music is for everyone and this song is a perfect example of that!!

CNBlue – ‘Synchronize’

A few weeks back I was lamenting that it had been ages since CNBlue had produced a new album. SO can you imagine how thrilled I was to hear this song from their new JP album, Pleasures?! I’m currently dancing in my seat as I type — this band never disappoints!! 

Taemin – ‘Guilty’

Taemin is another artist whose comeback I was eagerly anticipating. And WOW!! This title track — from his first solo album post-military — is intense. His top-tier vocals and choreography combined with the MV imagery and song lyrics makes for a very layered and thought-provoking piece of performance art. Another Taemin masterpiece!!

Ghost9 – ‘Ruckus’

This song intrigued me. From the opening falsetto to the slow down at the chorus to the loco-loco bridge, ‘Ruckus’ takes you smooth and satisfying musical ride!! A great track from this team that has just recently shed their rookie status. 

Epik High – ‘Screen Time’ (feat. Hoshi)

Another long-awaited return, Epik High is back with their signature chill, melodic rap vibes! In this collab with Seventeen’s Hoshi, the balance between vocals and rap flows is just perfect and the message of the lyrics thoughtful.

B.I – ‘Loved’

I was immediately pulled in by B.I’s newest single! His unique vocal color combined with the languid Latin back-beat perfectly complimented the raw and emotional message of this track. I loved it!

WayV – ‘Poppin’ Love’

WayV’s back!!! Their new album On My Youth has a great variety of songs. And while I would normally share the title track, it was one of the b-side performance video previews that caught my attention most! Maybe, just maybe, the chorus is giving me some ’90’s boyband feels?! 

Golden Child – ‘ Feel Me’

‘Feel Me’ is a great, guitar-driven, anthem of youth! The push-and-pull portrayal of angsty teen energy in the accompanying MV kept me riveted throughout. Definitely check out this newest single from Golden Child! 

A.C.E – ‘Effortless’

Almost all the members of A.C.E have completed their military service and I am SUPER excited to have them back!! Surprisingly, their return to the Kpop scene was with their ALL-English single, ‘Effortless’. The smooth vocals are beautiful and have left me wanting more — hopefully they will follow up with a full album soon!! 

JungKook – ‘Standing Next to You’

These days, the maknae of BTS is making quite the name for himself as a global solo artist. Although JungKook released two tracks prior to the drop of his album Golden, I enjoyed his vocal range and superior dance skills showcased in his title-track, ‘Standing Next to You’, most!!

The month has just begun and there are still SO many comebacks yet to come!! I’m eagerly awaiting new music from Stray Kids, Enhypen, The Boyz, MCND, Dreamcatcher and ATEEZ — we are feasting this month!! Drop down to the comments and tell me whose new album you’re most excited about!!



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