Trailer Pros and Cons: Signal

a13Do you ever get the feeling that people don’t understand how cool something is?  Something that you are totally over the moon about and that the rest of the world is just like “huh”?  If you are reading this and not residing in Asia, then, of course, you do since that means you are a kaddict.  But I have discovered that the same thing can happen within the kdrama community as well.  That moment when you KNOW that this is going to be an amazing show and everyone else gives you the proverbial “look”.Descendants_of_the_Sun-01.jpg

But regardless of other’s inability to see how awesome this is, I will continue spreading the Signal love.  There is even a chance I will be recapping it.  I am searching for a new project and this is high on my “possibility” list.  But for now, let’s dissect the latest trailer and chat about its pros and cons.

Trailer Pros

I am loving the muted colors, at least in the trailer, and enjoy the 70’s TV vibe.  It is apt since the drama is dealing with both the present and the past.  a5.png

Which brings us to our next positive.  Magical Walkie Talkies!  I have no clue how they are going to explain the whole time traveling wavelengths (maybe they will continue to follow their use of ideas from the US movie Frequency, and there will be mystical sun-flares).  Either way we have a unique and fun concept that is sure to be entertaining and suspenseful.  For those of you not in the know, this drama is about how two detectives (one from the present and one from the past) who use modern methods to catch a serial killer that is active in both the past and present.


One of the biggest positives (at least for me since I fangirl over writers) is that it is being written by the screenwriter behind suspense hits Sign & Ghost.  Two dramas which brought out all the stops when it came to suspenseful cliffhangers and big bads with deep layers.  I loved both of those dramas from start to finish and found them both complex but extremely watchable.

The last pro is the acknowledged talent of all three leads.  They are all character actors that are highly respected in Korea but have rarely been in the larger Hallyu wave dramas.  Something that might explain the lack of buzz.  Kim Hye Soo, you might recognize, from the hit movie The Thieves as well as the drama Queen of Office.  Our detective from the past is the always amazing Jo Jin Woong.  Most recently he was in the movie Assassination and a bit  farther back, he was a mentor/sidekick in A Full Sun.  His filmography is pretty much a list of the biggest movies in the last 4 years.  Rounding out our detective trio is Lee Je Hoon.  While Je Hoon’s list of dramas is pretty short (He is better known for his movies) he has stolen the screen in the few shows he has done.  I loved him in Secret Door and hope that with this new drama his fame can spread wider.




 Trailer Cons:

Just kidding, there are no cons.  This drama is going to be brilliant.  I refuse to accept anything less.  So mark your calendars for January 22nd and join me in fangirling for the new suspense drama on the kland block.




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