The Fangirl’s Favorite Moments of 2015

collage.jpgYou know how there are just certain scenes in a drama that stick in your mind, long after the show has finished?  I thought it would be a fun way to close our reviews if we took a moment to share those as a fond goodbye to 2015.  So come join The Fangirls as we reminisce about the best moments kdrama this past year.


The brother bonding in I Remember You when they take the selfie together was one of my favorite moments.  It just made me so happy to see the boys together and to see Min Soo smiling, almost carefree for the first time in so many years.  Sure, he might be a serial killer, but just look at that SMILE!  Oh, my heart.seo-in-gook-bromance-3

I also loved the hand holding and hat kiss in Healer.  That drama made it toward the top of my list for dramas I recommend to people just dipping their toes into the world of Kdramas.  I loved those OTP (one true pairing) moments.a2

Another favorite scene for me was in the Chinese drama, Love Me If You Dare.  I loved the scene where Simon is trying to seduce Yao Yao with a fancy dinner and fireworks, but he is so adorable awkward.  It was such a sweet moment within a pretty graphic and suspenseful show.

I also loved every personality switch in Kill Me, Heal Me.  Ji Sung rocked this role.  I loved Se Gi and Yo-na the best.  “Opppaaa!!!”  Ji Sung was perfection!s71

My list would not be complete without some of the scenes from Six Flying Dragons.  I am sure this drama will make my list next year too because it is only half over, but there were a couple of scenes that were so memorable, I just have to mention them.  The haunting acapella version of the folk song “Green Mountain Tune” by Byun Yo-Han’s character was so haunting.  It brought me to tears.  The early scenes with the child actors and actresses were equally amazing.  The little girl who played Boon Yi and the young actor (from Pinocchio) who played the younger version of Yoo Ah-in were incredible.  There are so many scenes from this drama that stand out.  The epic sword fight between Bang Ji and Gil Tae Mi was phenomenal and the fight scene and sense of closure in episode 15 had me screaming at my screen and smiling too.  Oh, you just HAVE to watch this drama to understand.  It’s that good.



I will start with my favorite scenes from Six Flying Dragons as well.  Talk about a powerful and AMAZING drama.  We are talking Oscar Worthy performances from the majority of the cast.  I love the singing scene that Kdrama Jen referenced, but for me the moments that impressed me the most are the fight scenes.  They are so beautifully choreographed. My two favorites was the final sword fight between Bang Ji & Gil Tae Mi and then the recent sword fight by Moo Hyul who remains my 6FD bias.

And of course I have to give a shout out to my #1 of all time bias and his drama I Remember You.  So many great moments, but my favorite was when Seo In Guk solved crimes with his two serial killer buddies/brothers/weirdest bromances ever.  There was just something so awesome about that scene.


And I can’t forget to give credit to whoever provided us with the first great kiss of Park Shin Hye’s acting career. Whether it was chemistry, acting lessons, or a good director, I just want to say thank you for the great skinship in Pinocchio.


UGH I feel like I am forgetting a million special moments from this year.  The great hand porn from Love Sick,  the plotting in Nirvana in Fire, pretty much all of Ho Goo’s Love.  There are just to many to choose from.  I guess i will just have to step away from the keyboard and simply say that I really enjoyed the dramas 0f 2015.


Sassy Go Go: Every interaction with Ha Joon and Kim Yeol, I loved their bromance!  The love triangle was handled really well, without sacrificing friendships (I’ll never look at gummy bears the same).


Healer: When she won’t sleep in her room and she bumps him off the couch and holds his arm all night.  That rang all sorts of bells with me that this OTP was going to be awesome.  It was the perfect lead up to that kiss that totally curled everyone’s toes.


Ho Goo’s Love: I’m like KMUSE, the whole drama just sucked me in.  Her crying and holding the sketchpad was the one scene I’ve watched over and over though.  She’s the one afraid of being hurt and he’s the one who is an open book.  I loved that.


Phew……it has been a long month of reviews and I am glad that we are done and can now start looking forward to 2016.  I wish all of our readers a Happy New Year and a wonderful, drama filled, 2016.

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    • I agree. Ho Gu’s Love suffered from severe “blog hating” which made me a bit sad since that show (and CWS, of course) was full of heart. I still remember Seul-ong’s scenes and the hilarious “misunderstanding”; his acting was so much better in that show than all his previous roles combined.

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