Family Drama “All’s Well With a Happy Home” Releases Heart Felt Teasers

q1XKlEj4_bd50c9_c2x.jpgIt has been so long since the last set of weekend dramas (roughly 6 mths) began that I had almost forgot that we were due for a new set.  Sadly, I ended up dropping the last batch, but maybe Happy Home will be the one to pull me back in.  If nothing else, I highly approve of their marketing since it caught my attention.

b2.pngUsually, these type of dramas put out a cute quirky preview to real you in and then hit you with the makjang once it starts.  But All’s Well With A Happy Home is going a different route.  Both of these teasers are oozing with sincerity.  Just from the mix of the cast saying “Thank You”, “I’m Sorry”, and ending with “I Love You”, set to sweet music has me feeling a bit weepy.   The other teaser has characters talking to a camera in an interview type setting with the same music playing in the background.   I don’t know what they are saying (sadly, still don’t speak Korean), but I suddenly have the urge to check out this show.


This is the story of Bong Sam-bong’s family who go from delivering Chinese food to opening a major Chinese restaurant of their own called Gahwamansasung.
Han Mi-soon, the first daughter-in-law, has a husband that’s 5 years younger than her and takes care of everything from the restaurant business to housework.
On the other hand, Seo Ji-gun is a klutz with no livelihood. With messy hair, buttons in the wrong holes and socks that don’t match, he doesn’t even know how to prepare instant rice, so he always eats instant food. But this man is a genius surgeon and he falls in love with a woman he shouldn’t fall in love with, Bong Hae-ryeong, the daughter of the Chinese restaurant owner. As Yoo Hyun-Ki also has a crush on her, a love triangle is formed.


All’s Well With A Happy Home will begin airing on Febuary 27th on MBC.



**Synopsis from My Drama List

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