One More Happy Ending Episode 15-Bait and Switch

19.jpgOne More Happy Ending, the once bright star of a drama has fallen to the depths of drama despair (at least for this blogger……….and yes, that is a bit of an exaggeration, but I am having to literally force myself to watch this episode for blogging purposes so despair is apt at this moment……..let me have it).  Mi Mo’s ex-husband is marrying Soo Hyuk’s sister which means our OTP is DOOMED.  Right?  Well, let’s do a quick recap and find out if kdrama fate has melodrama-ed our couple out of their happy ending. 

#5 Well This Sucks

As we saw last week, we finally have the big reveal where the exes discover that they are dating siblings.  Oh, the horror.  Everything is extremely awkward and yet again Mi Mo and her ex lie about their past relationship.


I seriously have an issue with this since I believe that this is one of those “big deals” that shouldn’t be lied about.  Not a good way to start off a relationship in my opinion.  I did think it was funny that Mi Mo accused her ex of being her anti-fan back in her Angel days, but on a whole this scene was just a bunch of “blah”.

Conveniently, Soo Hyuk overhears the ex  on the phone discussing how awkward it was that his ex-wife showed up to dinner. Soo Hyuk puts 2 and 2 together and realizes the truth. I am actually surprised he doesn’t seem overly upset (but more on that later.)


 #4 Terms of Endearment & The Breakup

Since I need a break from all of this depressing crying (Remember back when Mi Mo wasn’t an overflowing bucket of sadness? ) Let’s check in with her Angel besties… or, at least, two of them since the cheating couple bore to tears since they got back together.


Da Jeong & Geon Hak continue to work on their marriage and must pick out cute couple names for each other.  For some reason (if you know why this is a thing in Korean culture let me know) married Korean couples do not refer to each other by their given name.  Instead, they are called “honey” or “child’s name mother” or “child’s name father”.  The couple guru gives his troubled couples a challenge to pick new pet names, reaffirming their new start.  The longer these two do their couple counseling (always in their cute T-shirts) the more couplish they look.


Dong Mi is trying to figure out how she is going to break up with her boy toy.  Because she doesn’t love him anymore?  Heck, no….. it is because she also had lied about her age (making herself younger by three years) so when boy toy’s real age is revealed it adds up to a whopping 9 years.


Poor Dong Mi is devastated that she has to fess up and break up with boy toy for his own good.  That’s right Dong Mi, save him from the cougar.  **Laugh** She can’t seem to muster up the courage to tell him straight out so she writes him a letter and then walks away into the sunset.  Except Dong Mi lingers outside, spying while Boy Toy reads it, and the sunset is actually a torrential downpour.


I know that I declared these two a doomed couple in my last recap, but after this super sweet scene were Boy Toy declares Dong Mi is being silly writing this letter.  Not only does he not dump his “noona” but Boy Toy re-declares his love, saying that they will get past this with time.  Aww.  That really solves nothing, but yay for a bit of cute.


#3 What to do? What to do?

Unfortunately, we must now go back to the messed up lives of Soo Hyuk and Mi Mo.  How they can be such downers even while being in love, is beyond me.  Mi Mo seems to go through various stages of grief. Denial, anger, trying to figure out a solution, threatening her Ex if he doesn’t dump his fiancee (that is so dumb), and finally depressed acceptance that Soo Hyuk is going to dump her.


Soo Hyuk is discussing the same problem (a lot more calm I will point out) with Not Hot Doc.  Not Hot Doc simply says that Soo Hyuk is going to have to choose one and cut out the other from his life.  SERIOUSLY?  Is he going to ditch his sister for Mi Mo?  Can’t they somehow just agree to not visit the family at the same time of year to avoid any conflict?  It doesn’t seem like they hang out that often anyway.



#2 Bait & Switch

And it is here that the title of this recap comes into play.  It turns out that there is not really any issues since Soo Hyuk and his “sister” are not freaking related!  That is right, the term sister/brother is just used by the two because they were close family friends and that is how the writer gets past the usual parent rampage, children dating divorcees, shtick.


Am I the only one that feels that this is a total cop out?  I can almost see the writer wringing her hands with glee for tricking the poor viewers about the OTP and their eventual relationship longevity.  Mi Mo, of course, is overjoyed and forgives Soo Hyuk immediately for not being more clear on his family tree.  I am afraid that I will not be so forgiving to the writer since I had to sit through almost three hours of this stupid plot that really could have been avoided completely.


I could have happily watched plot that was focused on any of the other couples (except Not Hot Doc and Ex-Not Hot Doc…….still boring as all get out).  They all had better plot lines that could have been fleshed out.  Heck, I would rather watch Mi Mo and Soo Hyuk do 3 episodes of drunken hijinks then watch the sibling marriage crap.  Opportunity missed.

#1 Happily Ever After …. Maybe

Finally, we have successfully passed all relationship complications making it time for Soo Hyuk to pop the question.  Which of course he does in total romantic Soo Hyuk fashion.  He has candles, he has romantic photos, he has red roses everywhere.  He even has Min Woo and the dog as part of the event.


The stage is set so how could Mi Mo say no?  And it isn’t that she says no, but at the same time she doesn’t say yes either.  The episode actually ends with Mi Mo saying, “I have something to say” and then ends.


I am just stating right now that if these two don’t end up married in the final episode I will be pissed.  I can understand why some women can pull the “I want to stand on my own two feet and don’t need marriage to define me” stance, but goldfish Mi Mo is not one of those women.  There better be a “Yes” in their future or I will be very very unhappy.  But now we have to wait for the finale to find out what happens.

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  1. i labored through this one too, but i remembered she wasn’t really his sister. a while back, when that annoying woman who moved upstairs in the building, the one his parents wanted him to marry? well they had mentioned she was sister to mimos ex’s girlfriend. not to confuse this by putting everyone’s names in lol
    they sure did make a mess with this series tho, soooo annoyed with the spineless pathetic vascillation of mimo’s character, cow suit or not.

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