The Fangirl’s Roundtable: Chatting Drama OSTs

FotorCreated4I think the majority of The Fangirls actually started checking out Kpop due to hearing our favorite actors sing on OSTs.  So we thought it would be a fun topic to chat about.  Is your favorite OST on our list?  If not, let us know in the comments since we are always happy to check out new music.

Feel free to listen to the youtube playlist we composed of our suggestions while you read.  Just click the link below.



So we decided to pick 2 of our favorites Drama OST’s and one not so favorite.  I went to my trusty music app and looked to see what OST’s I’ve downloaded the most songs from. I also saw a couple of patterns; I love a good ballad, most of my favorite songs have come from my favorite dramas, which leads me to believe that a good drama and a good OST go hand in hand.



  1. Kill Me, Heal Me-I’m pretty sure this one will show up more than once.  The music was perfect on this drama.  Instead of taking over the scene, it added to the setting and emotion and somehow “Hallucination” ended up on repeat in my car for the longest time. Ji Sung’s voice is haunting on “Manchurian Violet”, seriously, is there anything this guy isn’t good at?
  2. Secret Garden-yes, I know it’s an oldie.  I love how they have Hyun Bin singing “The Man” and Baek Yi Young singing “The Woman”.  The instrumental songs on this one hold their own too, I have a folder of music that I listen to when I study and all of the instrumentals from this OST are on there.


Oh My Venus-Everytime I heard “Oh My Venus” and “Beautiful Lady” I hit the mute button.  The songs were meant to be cute and set the tone, but they grated on my last nerve.  The first time you hear it, it’s ok, the second time, you start thinking, this is a bit much, and the more you hear it, the more you want to plug your ears.  I’m not a fan of bubblegum pop music anyway, and it was all too much for me.

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I am always drawn to the drama OST’s that are a bit more noir in theme (and tone, if noir had an actual tone) than its perkier counterpart.  Give me a good revenge drama with angsty melodic music and I am a happy camper.


  1.  Shark – It has been three years and this still ranks as one of my all time favorite OSTs.  Bora’s “Between Heaven and Hell” is a song I never get tired of.  Also, Lim Heong Hee “Poison Love”, Na Yoon Kwon “Countless Days” & Jung Dong Ha’s “Sad Story,” all tell the story of a tragic love.
  2. Signal – The OST (like everything else regarding this drama) was so spot on in tone, it was almost uncanny.  I loved how the whole OST gave the impression of being songs from a distant time without actually sounding so dated as to distract from the drama.  I am sure it will be getting a lot of playing time in my future.
  3. Heartless City – I couldn’t resist adding one more OST since this one is pretty much tied with Shark as my all time favorite.  Think an angsty James Bond soundtrack, but in Korean, and you pretty much have a good impression on what this soundtrack sounds like.  It doesn’t hurt that anytime I play this OST the image of Jung Kyung Ho as a sexy gangster pops into my mind.  It’s a win win in this fangirl’s book.


This one is a no brainer for me.  If I could put one OST into a metaphorical box and smash that box with a hammer until it is dust and can no longer ever be played for the human ears, it would be the OST of Jekyll, Hyde, & I.  It was a horrible drama with an even worse OST.

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I am all about the Rom-com OST’s.


  1. Master’s Sun – This OST is one I constantly play.  I loved the songs and just listening takes me back to how I felt while watching this drama. I think “Touch Love” might be my favorite, but this OST also features the sweet sound of Seo In Guk.  The compositions of Oh Joon Sung are also mesmerizing.  He is responsible for composing many of the drama theme songs you have been humming under your breath.  I love the music from Master’s Sun!
  2.  Kill Me, Heal Me –  was taken already, but I still have to say it is one of my favorites.  There is nothing like blaring a little “Auditory Hallucination” when picking up the kids from play practice.  Oh, yeah!  This mom knows how to have a good time!  two other honorable mentions, though, are School 2015 (especially Reset) and Hi School:Love On.  I listen to select songs from both over and over.  Oh, and the City Hunter OST.  Oh, and…  Hey, who’s ridiculous idea was it to limit us to just two???


I don’t have a specific OST that I dislike, but I have a definite issue with dramas that blare the love song during the best parts. (I’m giving the stink eye to you, Descendants of the Sun.) A great OST should complement the moment, not overpower it. It should enhance the experience, not be a neon sign overhead shouting, “Romantic Moment Right Here, Folks!”  Even the best song will become annoying if it is not used sparingly.

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That concludes our OST discussion.  Do you have a topic you would like The Fangirls to weigh in on?  Please let us know since we love chatting dramas and want to make this fun for our readers as well.  Just leave us a note in the comments.

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  1. Loved this discussion. I, too, find my favorite Kmusic comes from Kdramas. Now I am only playing Korean OST cds in my car …favs: Secret Garden, Fated to Love You, Can’t Lose, Winter Sonata, Spring Waltz. The last two are from years ago, but still are musically amazing!

  2. I second the Winter Sonata / Spring Waltz OST recommendation.

    In general I like really epic / sappy instrumentals. I like OSTs from Innocent Man, All In, The Princess’ Man, and Iljimae. 🙂

  3. So many wonderful OST”s My first true OST addiction was Coffee House. The drama was just okay but the OST is one of my all time favorites. I still listen to it when I’m exercising. Some other favorites are Secret Garden, City Hunter, Arang and the Magistrate and Iljimae. There are not many that I truly dislike but Oh My Venus really irked me for some reason and One More Happy Ending was the most annoying of all. By the time the drama ended or rather when I stopped watching I could not stand that music.

  4. What a great post! Besides talking about plots, characters and ratings, it’s actually refreshing that you guys, try something different. Bravo!!
    K-dramas have a long story of amazing OSTs but, let’s be honest, songs usually steal orchestral trucks’ thunder.
    Coffee Prince was the first drama with a beautiful and original OST that elevated soundtracks to a whole new level. I think 2007 was a major turning point in storylines as well as in OSTs.
    The Legend brought “The Legend” Joe Hisaishi into dramaland! He didn’t write lots of original scores, I know, but he did all the instrumental variations himself. It’s a classical OST!
    Aside from songs like “Vola” from Prinsess’s Man and “My Eden” from Gu Family Book, which obviously have a classical background (for which, I adore them! They’re the k-version of Adagio), songs like “Auditory Hallucination” and my all-time favorite “Anxious Love” from one of my all-time favorite Shows City Hall, make me fall in love with music once again 🙂
    Arang and The Magistrate and King2Hearts had two of the best overall OSTs in dramaland and, while I really loved It’s Okay, It’s Love, I must admit that I still prefer the non-K-pop part of the OST. “Hero” is my musical “amore” , “Cross My Mind” lifts my spirit and “You’re My Best Friend” made me the band’s most loyal fan!
    Wonderful singers such as K.Will, Ailee and “The Queen” Baek Ji Young have given us fantastic songs throughout the years (yes, Love Is Crying from K2H, Love Like This from CA, Ali’s Hurt From Rooftop Prince and, of course, That Woman from Secret Garden are simply timeless).
    Thank you for making me remember my precious OSTs! 😉

    • That is a great list. I know a lot of them, but a few I will have to check out. Have been meaning to rewatch Legend at some point. Will pay more attention to the music.

      • Glad you liked my little “gems”. It’s true that I’m a OST buff. I believe the soundtrack can make or break a production, especially films. That’s why I was so happy when I first watched k-dramas; it was obvious that those people knew their craft very well. Lately cable channels have set a high bar for everyone else to follow. tvN, JTBC and OCN are doing a wonderful job with their OST music! 🙂

  5. My favourite OST comes from a sageuk, actually, and it has me in tears every time I listen to it – Queen Seon-deok. Especially ‘Balbam, Balbam’. Sniff. My second favourite OST is Shut Up: Flower Boy Band. I have a thing for youth/ coming of age stories, and it’s double the pleasure for this one since it was about friendships among band members 🙂

    Thank you for initiating this really interesting discussion! Got to agree with you; I do think a good OST and a good drama go hand in hand, although I suppose we might have to agree to disagree on what constitutes ‘good’!

  6. Oh, this is a fun topic.

    There have been plenty of good OST’s over the years but also several I’d rather not hear again. I think the music should complement the drama’s mood(s) and not be overpowering or jarring. I don’t have any particular genre I prefer for OST music, it depends so much on the drama and it’s themes.

    Some of my faves in no particular order: The Legend, Discovery of Romance, Mawang, Conspiracy in the Court, Black & White, Winter Sonata, Chuno, Kingdom of the Winds, Tokyo Dogs, Heartless City, The Pursuit of Happiness, Karei naru Ichizoku.

  7. I super super love
    (1) “Remember” from “Hello Monster”
    (2) Finding Myself
    (3) Fluttering Hearts
    no2&3 are from High School King of Savvy….
    and I just realised these 3 have Seo In Guk in them 😄

  8. For me, it’s Kill Me Heal Me, It’s Okay That’s Love and Marriage Not Dating. I have those three’s OST perpetually on my phone. Other songs might come and go but those three shall forever remain :).

  9. I’m actually pretty surprised no one mentioned Boys Over Flowers! 😛 “Almost Paradise” is still probably my most disliked drama OST, but it does make kind of nostalgic for the drama at the same time.

  10. Almost all the dramas I’ve loved had memorable OSTs… So that’s a lot of faves! That Man from Secret Garden had a lot of replay on my Playlist…also Auditory Hallucination from KMHM which are obvious faves with everyone. I like anything really. OSTs from Mask, Birth of a Beauty, Arang & the Magistrate, Heirs, Gu Family Book… I could go on and on really. Shine or Go Crazy is the one complete OST I could listen to back to back. Heart to Heart OST was pretty awesome too. And Angel Eyes. Ok, this really could go on indefinitely, so… Yeah. I love my OSTs.

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