New Trailer for “Vampire Detective” Unites Our Trio of Sleuths

7.pngI know that I have been promoting heavily for this drama.  Sure, one of the reasons is that I plan on recapping this drama gem, but I also find all the teasers and trailers highly entertaining.  Who doesn’t want to see Lee Joon and entourage being their awesome badass selves? 

I won’t go into great detail because again, this is not my first, second, or even third, post for a teaser.  But one thing I will comment on is how much I am loving how the side characters are catching my attention as well.  I am almost embarrassed to admit how much I love the beauty that is Lee Joon, so for others to pound through that obsession is something worth commenting on.  Our lady detective even caught my attention to the point where I looked her up on Asianwiki.  While I don’t actually remember Lee Se Young from any of her past dramas, she has a long filmography and I am excited to see if she is as good in a whole episode as she is in the 30 second teasers.


Vampire Detective is all set to wow us on March 27th.  Be sure to check back on the blog for recaps!

30 Second Trailer:

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