Feeling Underwhelmed Watching Teaser 2 and 3 for Beautiful Mind


Beautiful Mind drops two more teasers focusing on Jang Hyuk‘s character and his emotional issues with varying success.  I am still undecided about this drama and the teasers are doing nothing to tempt me to watch.


This might be due to the lack of leading lady (Park So-Dam) who probably was not available to film early enough to be added into teasers (despite the show starting in 2 weeks on the 20th).  At this point, I am praying for an amazing script or some awesome OTP chemistry. Something that just doesn’t show up in teasers.  Let’s all cross our fingers and pray to the kdrama gods that this is the case since I really want to like Jang Hyuk’s newest drama.

Teaser 2

Teaser 3

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