Squad 38 Episode 7 -It’s a Dog Eat Dog World


It is a fast-paced hour where we find out plot twists that we didn’t even realize happened as well as some pretty huge fallout from certain events of last week.  Who knew that tax collecting would be more stressful lifestyle when compared to the life of a conman?

It’s Tax Collecting Time

Determined to get Seong Il his job back, the Con Team goes into overdrive, conning everyone that is delinquent on their taxes.  They do this through a montage of awesome cons where we see them scamming people, stealing cars, faking parking tickets, and bogus injuries.  I think I could watch a full hour of our team just doing this kind of stunts and be totally happy.


You know its a real bromance when they start wearing couple suits.


A Bromantic Goodbye

You know you really enjoy an OTB’s (one true bromance) connection when you are devastated that they are going separate ways.  Sure, you logically realize it won’t be for long …. there is still half a drama left after all …. but separation is still sad.


It was so sweet that instead of urging Jung Do to stop being a con artist, Seong Il just tells him “don’t get caught.”  Can we have a huge collective “AWWWWW”  I am feeling a bit verklempt.


Deal With the Devil

Seong Hee is in a tiny bit of trouble back at City Hall.  Due to her unprovoked attack on Mr. Bang, she is facing serious consequences.  Not only did Seong Hee embarrass the department but Mr. Bang (who has all the higher ups on his payroll) is pissed.


The Mayor seems to realize that she was just doing it to help Seong Il and offers her an out.  If she will go and apologize to Mr. Bang in person, assuring him that nothing like this will happen again, he will grant her a favor.  Only after the apology will he make Seong Il’s disciplinary hearing disappear.  Seong Hee agrees of course.


Unfortunately, our new bad guy is not going to let it go as an apology.  He wants payback.  Which leads us right into our next plot point……….the frame job.

The Rules of The Crime Kdrama Genre


It is a proven fact that if a smaller side character has a meaningful talk about their future right before bad stuff is about to go down, they will inevitably end up dead.  Or in a coma.  Or with amnesia.  In some cases they will end up in a coma, wake up with amnesia, and then die as they exit the hospital and an evil white truck of doom splats them on the pavement.

So when our sleepy tax collector started chatting about his immediate dreams of becoming a police officer, it was obvious that things were going to go wrong.


In an effort to punish Seung Hee for embarrassing him, Mr. Bang organizes a frame job to take her out of commission.  He really doesn’t like to think up anything knew when dealing with his problems, does he?  Things fall apart when it is the sweet guy in the next division that goes to pick up the back taxes instead of Seung Hee.  The crap hits the fan and instead of Seung Hee being photographed while taking a bribe, her coworker is.  Sleepy taxman notices the thug taking the photos and races in pursuit.  He manages to take away the camera and I breathed a sigh of relief thinking I might have been wrong.  But kdrama fate is absolute as a second thug arrives behind sleepy taxman and hits him with a baseball bat, retrieving the camera.


Poor Sleepy Taxman.  I hadn’t even registered you as a character and you are already in a coma.  At least with his passing, a new story arc is developed and we can officially start hating our new bad guy Mr. Bang.



I Need to Crush Them All

Seong Il notices that the same things are happening that occurred while his friend was framed 6 years earlier.  Adding 2 + 2 together he begins to get pissed.  The last straw was finding out that Bankrupt Baddie turned himself in as the attacker of Sleepy Taxman (had really been Mr. Bang’s son).

Seong Il shows up at Jung Do’s door and asks him if he wants to get together to do one more con.  Seong Il looks up and exclaims, “I need to crush them all.”


My Thoughts:

Was I the only one that was surprised by all of Jung Do’s flashback reveals?  I loved that Jung Do was the one that called in the bribe tip to City Hall.  Which of course, force Seong Il to let Jung Do out of jail. Another great moment was when Jung Do set the Dirty Detective up, causing him to end up in jail. It truly was a great moment when the bad guy realized that he had been conned.

WOOT!   I am excited to see Seong Il become more active in the revenge aspect of the show.  Before, even though Seong Il participated, you could tell that he wasn’t really emotionally invested.  Sure, he wanted to right a wrong, but it wasn’t a matter that hit close to home.  Things are different this time.  It has become personal.


I also want to see how all the plots connect together. This is a truly great drama that keeps you guessing even though you can guess the broad strokes of the plot.


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  1. I agree with you! I love how even though we can already make some lucky guesses about what’s gonna happen, there will always be some smart plot twists that come as big surprises to us. And YES I love the way the con artists trick and deceive. It’s so amusing & funny and it definitely makes everything more enjoyable, because all the conspiracy among the corrupted higher-ups tend to get a bit boring sometimes. And lastly, I love the way you do recaps! It’s short, simple & the way you phrase things make your recaps entertaining HAHA. ☺️ Looking forward to your upcoming posts!

  2. seo in guk is best in this drama love his transformation lookin awesome and sexy in same time interesting storyline interesting plot ……….want some more about jung do (seo in guk)life why he became a con artist…interesting

  3. Awww, sleepy taxman was a cutie. Hopefully he wakes up soon and takes his revenge by joining the team.

    Jungdo’s reveals totally surprised me. He set all of it up! Now I don’t know what to believe. I’ll have to watch him even more carefully… (yay)

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