Squad 38 Episode 9 – Just Answer the #$*()@ Phone

b10.pngAs the con gets bigger, so do the consequences, as The Team battles to stay one step ahead of their opponents.  And while I love Seung Il to death, someone needs to teach that man about call waiting.  Because sometimes the difference between winning or being caught is whether someone answers their phone. 

I feel like I am always apologizing for being late this month.  In my defense, I was stuck in Cub Scout day camp hell.  I thought it would NEVER END.  But I am free and back behind my PC, blogging frantically to catch up, so please bear with me and let’s jump into episode 9.

It’s Called Call Waiting

Seung Il is unaware that his manager is on to his conman side job.  In order to catch Seong Il in the act, he follows his employee, calling the cops to the scene.  Seung Hee recognizes the danger and constantly tries to contact her boss.

But her boss is busy talking to his daughter and wife about his daughter’s mishap with her cell phone.  Ignoring everything else (doesn’t he have call waiting?  Pretty sure if I saw someone call me 20 times during another conversation, I would switch over) Seung Il dodinks his way to the secret hideout.


A hideout which is in a tizzy trying to get rid of all traces of illegal shenanigans.  When Seung Hee couldn’t reach her boss, she phones Min Joo instead and explains the problems.  Chaos ensues.  Luckily the cops are not interested in “catching” Jung Do yet so they get a pass.


So many fake ID’s and an antique vase could have been saved if Seung Il had just answered his blasted phone.

Rekindled Romance

It finally looks like Seung Hee is having a bit of fun.  If by fun we define it as a smidge of conning inside a boatload of judgment.  But I will take what I can get when it comes to her.


Seung Hee hunts down Jung Do to chew him out yet again about bringing Seung Il into his web of conning.  Jung Do just gazes at her with barely hidden longing and tells her that nothing bad will happen.  Seung Hee just accuses him of being glib… similar to how he was when he dumped her back in the day.  Just as Jung Do looks like he is going to explain his actions, they are interrupted by Mr. Bang Jr.


Jung Do starts to look desperate when Mr. Bang Jr begins asking about Seung Hee being his wife.  He whispers at her to slap him and storm off, but instead she plays along (VERY AWKWARD) and informs Mr. Bang Jr that because of him her husband had lost tons of money.  And that he should treat Jung Do well and make sure he eats.  Hahaha.  She was almost as bad as Seong Il in ad-libbing, but it does make me like her a lot more.

After Seung Hee leaves, Jung Do charms Mr. Bang Jr into investing and since it was a command of his “wife”, Mr. Bang Jr wants to double date with the couple to close the deal.  This means that Seung Hee isn’t going to be stay distanced from the con anymore.  This makes me happy since I want her to have a little bit of a role in the story other than the resident naysayer.


Seung Il Makes a Decision

Seung Il is informed by Evil Detective that everything Jung Do has done is one big con.  Including the tax cons and meeting Seung Il in the first place.  Since Seung Il should be too smart to get conned after learning this, all he has to do is record Jung Do confessing to illegally scamming Evil Detective.  Then once he is out of jail he will protect Seung Il.

This puts Seung Il in a quandary.  On one hand, he does realize that Jung Do is an expert at conning people.  But on the other, they are besties now.  What to do?  After a ton of back and forth, Seung Il decides to trust Jung Do and goes and confesses what he was asked to do.  It surprised me, as much as Seung Il, when Jung Do openly admits that it was all a con.


This was a great cliffhanger and makes me want to rush and watch episode 10 to see the clarification of that statement.   So with that in mind, I am finishing this recap and hoping onto the next!

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