Squad 38 Episode 10 – Good Cons Have Layers….Like Onions


b6.pngThere are so many layers to this drama’s plot that I have given up trying to guess what is going to happen.  It isn’t a story that goes along the normal trope lines anyway so I might as well just sit back and enjoy the show.

With the extremely complicated shenanigans going on, you really have to watch this drama to appreciate the full picture.  There are so many minute details that I can’t do it justice.  So rather than try to make it all make sense, I am just going to talk about the four main points of the episode.  They might not have any context surrounding them, but I am assuming you are watching the show which is how you found me.  So let’s get going and chat betrayal, double betrayal, and hijinks.


A Rocky Romance

Since Jung Do can’t get out of the romantic double date with Mr. Bang Jr and his wife, he just shows up at City Hall to snag Seung Hee.  With no warning.


To say things were awkward and tense is an understatement.  But being the worry wart she is, Seung Hee goes along with the scam but is obviously unhappy.  Mr. Bang Jr and his wife assume that Jung Do had been caught having an affair and they were witnessing the aftershock.

After sending Seung Hee home in a cab, Jung Do calls her up and apologizes for the past and that he left her with only bad memories.  We have a flashback where we witness the breakup yet again.  This time from Jung Do’s point of view.  As he leaves the restaurant, we witness him getting taken away from the cops to prison.  Just as we suspected, he broke up with her so she wouldn’t wait by his side.  I liked how he phrased that his breaking up with her was one of the real things in his life that he turned into a lie.


The Double Con

So the con Jung Do and Seung Il are pulling on the Bang siblings is overly complicated involving fake and real antiques, pyramid schemes, and more stuff that I don’t really care that much about.  What it comes down to is that the brother is investing his money to bring fake antiques into the country and the sister is being tricked into buying them.  They are conning them from all sides.b2.png

Sister Bang even gets so excited at the thought of more antiques that she takes Seung Il down into her treasure room of antiques (which she is using to hide all her money) and asks him to appraise her collection.


But before the con can move further, we witness Min Joo switching sides and telling Mr. Bang Sr. about his kid’s stupidity.  The jig is up.


Double Con Reversed

After realizing that they were all being played, the Bangs summon Seung Il and Jung Do to their house for a confrontation.  They force Min Joo to stay even after she begs to leave, embarrassed that she betrayed her friends.

Seung Il and Jung Do walk right into the trap and are dragged away to the police station.  Unfortunately for the Bang family, no money had actually changed hands.  And while they could say that they were going to be scammed, there was no actual evidence or scamming that had occurred.  The most that could happen was that the conning duo would be detained for 48 hours then released.  Mr. Bang Sr. storms away yelling that he would deal with them himself then.


After 48 hours they are released and Seung Il calls daughter Bang.  He confronts her, wondering if she had any guilt over not paying her taxes.  She just glares at Seung Il and mocks him for failing in his scam.  At which point he informs her that they didn’t fail.  While everyone was at the police station, the rest of the con team had come in and taken all the millions of dollars in illegal antiques.  And since he and Jung Do were in jail at the time, there was no way they could be involved.  Hahaha.  Her face on learning she was conned was priceless.  The girl loved her pottery like a geek loves his Pokemon Go.  Gotta collect them all.


Tragic Betrayal

But just as soon as Seung Il is able to bask in a job well done, the rug is pulled out from under him.  Seung Il calls Jung Do who informs him that he can’t pay it to the taxes this time and will be using it himself.  GASP!!!!!!!!!


Say it isn’t so Jung Do.  Don’t destroy our simple sweet teddy bear tax collector.   Just because Seung Il is easy to con, doesn’t mean you should.  Not to mention I was just going to buy a bromance picture frame for my hallway and I was going to insert their photo.  Now all my plans are ruined.  Or are they?  If there is anything I have learned from this drama, it is that we have no clue what is going on until the last episode airs.

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  1. The actress who plays Miss Bang did such a great job in the scene where she learns she was conned/robbed…the mind reeling, the senses not functioning, the balance off and the feeling of hot oil pouring down the body from head to toe; i.e., she was rapidly entering total shock. I actually felt sorry for her at that time. Also, I don’t think the plan was for her to buy fake antiques, she knows her antiques, they were just coming into country mixed with fakes.

  2. I’ve also learned to sit back and not figure out what the show is up to next, or else I’ll go even crazier thinking about the possibilities. I don’t like that Jung-do gave up on our Papa Bear just like that, but I realize (or hoping) that this might all very well be another setup! Please don’t hurt uri Sung-Il too much 🙁

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