Shopping King Louie Holds 1st Script Reading


I know, I know.  Script reading photos are the most boring of photo promotions.  But since I am a die hard Seo In Guk fangirl, I feel it is my duty to share with the world.  Even if this is just a small blip on the hopefully amazing promotional material that will be coming our way.

Shopping King Louie is a story about a rich chaebol who suffers from memory loss and the entrepreneur who helps him find love and recover his previous life.  Also from what I hear, our leading man loves to shop to relieve stress.  This is my kind of drama.


Shopping King Louie will begin airing in September following W-Two Worlds.  There is not a definite date as of yet, probably due to anticipated preempted episodes due to the Olympics.  Grrr…. my least favorite aspect of international sporting events.  I hate not having my daily shows air on-time.

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