Squad 38 Episode 14 – Out of Prison and Ready to Con.

1ad1ds1a.jpgI will be totally honest.  While there were some really cute scenes in this episode, for the most part I was a tiny bit bored.  So I am going to just breeze through this recap by focusing on the few scenes I did enjoy then start watching episode 15 and hoping for a little bit more connection than I felt in the last hour.

Chairman Gangster

Aww.  Jung Do getting his ear pulled by The Chairman was cute.  I kind of wish we could have seen a lot more of their relationship.  Maybe that will be rectified in the final two episodes.

How do the bad guys not follow up on the one guy they know has it out for them?

You would think that if there was a cunning young man out for revenge, one who actually has the brains to get so said revenge, you would keep track of where he is.  Maybe mark in your calendar to check his jail status every six months.  It would save you the difficulty of being blindsided when he is paroled 8 years early.  Needless to say, our bad guys did not program their reminders and are therefore shocked that Jung Do is out and running about….. probably plotting how to take them down.


We have a new member of Team Con.

Was I the only one blindsided that Bankrupt Baddie is their new team member?  I’m sorry, but the hairstyle of redemption is not going to make me trust that guy.


Gangster Jung Do and Seong Il are simply adorable

OK, maybe Jung Do is more sexy than adorable, but either way I am loving the brightly colored shirts and the gangster attitudes.

See, I wasn’t joking about the recap being brief.  You might be asking what is going on other than the various sexy Seo In Guk scenes.  Mostly, they are setting up another con  for Chairman Choi.  They are making him think they are out to take his money when really they want to just destroy his whole system of corruption including his ties with The Mayor.  Hopefully there will be a bit more excitement in episode 15, but for now, I will leave you with some pretty SIG and see you soon with my next recap.


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