Proud of Love Episodes 10-12: One Roadtrip With a Side of Aphrodisiac Please.


We are back with three more episodes of crazy soul switching hilarity as our cast takes tests (I almost forgot they were in school.) and relaxes with a beach vacation.  Needless to say, hormones get raging when you throw everyone into one house…. and that is before you add random aphrodisiacs into the mix.

It is bad enough I have to deal with a Penis, but you expect me to study too?


KMUSE: Considering we have gone nine episodes in with little to no mention of actual schoolwork, I am glad we are finally addressing the issue.  Especially when it is so funny seeing their friends basing their cheating plans on our lead’s perceived personalities.

Drama Geek: I do get tired of the girl being dumb and the boy being genius thing that dominates Asian dramas, but swapping up the souls makes for a funny twist. Especially since the mean girl in this drama happens to dumb too.

KMUSE: I also appreciate that just because they are in each other’s bodies, they don’t automatically have each other’s abilities or talent.  Poor Zhi Zhou’s grades are going to be tanked.

Drama Geek: I don’t feel sorry for Zhi Zhou’s bad grades. I’m pretty sure he can handle one term with a dip. It’s the others I’m worried about since they’re all copying the wrong person.


KMUSE: It serves all the roommates right that their grades are going to be horrible.  They really are bad at cheating.  Just goes to prove that no one in this show has a clue about how to properly study/or cheat properly.  To busy dating and doing other “stuff”.

Drama Geek: They suck at cheating. LOL. But it is interesting to know that the mean girl and Wei Ren are pretty much on the same intellectual level.

You must have no shame.


KMUSE: I laughed, laughed some more, and yes..continued laughing throughout this scene.  Everything was absolutely perfect and I loved how Zhi Zhou needed lessons on how to have no shame.  This also explains a lot about Shen Xi’s ability to do all kinds of crazy things in public.

Drama Geek: This was my favorite scene during the test studying period. Zhi Zhou has always been super uptight and it doesn’t surprise me he would take that into performing. It all comes down to Shen Xi showing him how to properly seduce a conveniently placed crowd. I’m pretty sure most of the guys were actually more excited when Shen Xi was dancing (in Zhi Zhou’s body).

KMUSE: The guy holding the basketball kept breaking the stoic look and laughed.  It makes me wonder how many times they had to film this scene before getting it right?  I know that I personally have watched it a good 5 plus times and still crack up laughing.

Hooking up while on vacation….. or not.


KMUSE: It’s official. They are all going to die virgins.  I have never seen a bunch of sexually suppressed people less able to hook up.  Thankfully they are all hilarious as they attempt and fail over and over.

Drama Geek: Well… I’m pretty sure someone hooked up on this trip. And I’m not sure how I feel about the boys putting something in the girl’s drinks. Not cool, man. Not cool.


 We are way too close


Drama Geek: Hahahahaha. Sorry, but this was hilarious. What must Tang Tang think. Oh wait, I don’t really care what he thinks. At all. Ever.

I’m getting laid come hell or high water……or aphrodisiac.


KMUSE: Back when Shen Xi was a little kid, she told Tang Tang that in a set amount of time they will have sex.  Hahaha all we see is little Tang Tang’s back as he never confirms these future plans.  Well that day has come and Shen Xi  is determined to get laid.  Or at least get her body laid.

Drama Geek: Girl is wack. Seriously, you aren’t going to get to experience your first time if you do this. And poor Zhi Zhou will have slept with a guy for his first time. Also, I think the child conversation says a lot about her relationship with Tang Tang. Most of it has been in her head.

KMUSE: Enter random aphrodisiac thanks to masturbating roomie.  Zhi Zhou takes the bait and gets a tiny bit….horny.  Now begins my favorite Zhi Zhou in Shen Xi’s body moment as he switches between seduction mode and horror.

Drama Geek: Okay, so I’m not totally on board with her wanting him to sleep with Tang Tang but the result was beyond funny. Great acting on her part. And then the fact that his own body (with Shen Xi’s soul inside) was turning him on was kind of weird but hysterical at the same time.


KMUSE: And yet again Tang Tang’s passive personality proved to be his undoing.  It looked like he was actually interested in finally getting that first smooch.  If he had been just the tiniest bit aggressive he probably could have got some action.  Instead Tang Tang is knocked out and Zhi Zhou turns his seduction techniques on Shen Xi who promptly knocks him out and drags him to the boat taking him away from temptation.

Drama Geek: Tang Tang doesn’t have a clue what he avoided. I have to admit I’d be the tiniest bit curious what it would be like as the other sex. Probably not enough to actually do something with my own body though. 🙂

Castaway OTP

KMUSE: Hahahaha! I love how Shen Xi checks if the aphrodisiac has worn off by showing a tiny bit of skin.  Now they just have to figure out how to get off a deserted island when Shen Xi forgets to tie up the boat.  A little sad that the aphrodisiac wore off.

Drama Geek: I liked that Zhi Zhou checked his phone for something but didn’t use it to call for help. He totally wanted to be stranded with Shen Xi a little longer.

Our Thoughts:


KMUSE: I am still enjoying the story, but I do wish that we would get a tiny bit of romance between our leads.  I am starting to worry that Shen Xi is just too dense to ever see someone that is not Tang Tang.

Drama Geek: Can we strand Tang Tang on an island and never go back for him? I have to admit this show is still hilarious but I’m so tired of Shen Xi loving Tang Tang. Especially since it seems that she’s always just been running with her feelings on her own, even when they were younger.

Until the next bonerific episodes,

KMUSE & Drama Geek

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