Shopping King Louie Episode 12: A Recap of Quick Observations

.2a89.pngShopping King Louie delivers yet another amazingly well-written episode as our wayward siblings are reunited and our OTP is free to love again.  YAY!  So join me as I quickly share my favorite moments and a few observations in between.

Sorry for the briefness of my recap this week.  This Fangirl is battling a nasty cold on top of having to go to work.  Makes me miss the days when I had no responsibilities and could stay home and dramathon. Sadly, I must battle through, but that gives me limited time to express my Louie love.  But just like Louie changed fate through his own willpower, I also will battle forth and bring you my insights.  Just quickly so I can go drink some tea and take my medicine.

My New Favorite Writer

.;a1.pngI might have a new favorite Kdrama writer.  Anyone who can deftly create a new vibe when dealing with the overused tropes of amnesia, chaebol politicking, and love triangles, deserves my respect.  Not only amnesia but then to fake us out with double amnesia which was actually an elaborate rouse to reconnect Bok Sil with her, back from the dead, brother…..pure genius.


A Unique Chase Scene

I could watch Louie chase Bok Nam forever.  Hahaha.  Or at least up 168 steps.  It’s a good thing that both are so incompetent or this could have been a totally different end result.  Also, kudos to Seo In Guk for creating Louie’s flinging hands.  I love how his characters all have such unique mannerisms.  It is things like this that solidify the reality of his drama characters for me.

Reunited and it Feels So Good

SQUEEEE!!  Everyone is back together.  Bok Sil has Bok Nam, Louie has Bok Sil, and Louie also has his new Sister-In-Law/Brother-In-Law.  Watching Louie and Bok Nam become sweet incompetent besties was epic.  All seems to be right with the world again.

A Cranky Colonel Sanders

Not only do we have a ton of reunited relationships, we were able to have a giant convoluted Louie scheme to bring it all together.  Having the whole Louie gang combine to create the perfect (over the top) Bok Nam surprise just made everything perfect.

I especially cracked up over Joong Won’s outfit.  Colonel Sanders has nothing on our cranky ahjussi.

Curses! We Have Blackmail

.2a88.pngI had almost forgotten that Coma Scarface was still alive.  I guess they have to do something for the last 4 episodes.  Usually, I would start worrying about the plot now that our OTP is back together, the brother is alive and kicking, and everything could end happy if we stopped now.  But since this writer is so amazing at turning around overused tropes, I am going to put my trust in them and sit back to enjoy the ride.  Bring on the chaebol politicking!

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  1. it was sucha perfect episode even though I got had so completely. hot dammit really, and Louis you are not Jung Do, why do you have a team of conmen, huh?

    and about the mannerisms: ep 13 shows he is even consistent with the non-amnesiac Louis. it is so different! though there are aspects that stay the same and still just as sweet.

  2. Feel better soon, Kmuse!!!

    So, I normally don’t leave comments, just enjoy reading reviews…. but…. this show is so cute/funny/adorkable/lovable/awesome!!!!!! Squeeeeee!!!!
    I really, really appreciate when I start a show and it totally sweeps me off my feet. And- as long as we don’t have an ending that is catastrophic or just plain fizzles (yes, I’m looking at you W-Two Worlds), this show will definitely make It into my top five fave K-Dramas list!!

  3. I love the writer too! I feel that this is the end of the story, with the grand reunion. I am glad that they did not make the sad part longer and decided to give us more Louis – Bok Sil loving.

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