Legend of the Blue Sea Recap – Episodes 3 & 4


We have falling in love part 2 as our amnesiac genius must figure out who our quirky mermaid is yet again.  Did The Fangirls love this plot twist?  Do we wish we could give ourselves a quick dose of amnesia and forget parts of this week’s episode?  Come find out as we discuss all the biggest plot points of episode 3 & 4 of our mermaid drama.


Thanks everyone for tuning into the recap even though it is a tiny bit late.  Turns out that being a blogging mom on the holidays is hard.  And since we all are mothers here, (except for Dramarookie, but she’s a teacher, so that counts a little) blogging gets put on hold for family sometimes.  But we are back and ready to chat all about this week’s events.

The Past is the Past………Do We Really Need the Details?

KMUSE: I love watching the backstory of our past reincarnation OTP (one true pairing).  Their story is just so romantic with that touch of tragedy that I am a sucker for.  It is even better that they were fated lovers from a young age but for the leading man’s sanity our Mermaid takes away his memories so he can marry someone else.  We also get the information that to take away a memory the Mermaid has to kiss the person.

CLKYTTA: Sometimes backstory bogs things down, but this definitely does not.  Not only did she take his memories, but we discover that even without the memories, the feelings remain and they recognize each other even though he doesn’t know why.

Drama Geek: The backstory is very rich and I loved seeing them as teenagers. So… does a mermaid’s kiss always take the person’s memory away of them? This could be problematic to their future relationship.

KdramaJen:  Hey, Ladies!  I am back for this recap.  I missed blogging about the first two episodes, but I am all in for the rest!  I have to agree about the historical parts.  First, Lee Min Ho is dashing in period garb, and our mermaid is gorgeous no matter what she wears.  I love the tragic backstory angle.

KMUSE: My problem with the past story line is that my brain shuts off anytime our OTP is not on the screen.  The bad guy and his horrid teeth really really bug me and I wish I could just fast forward all his scenes.  I know there is a purpose to his character and his reincarnation in the future, but still.

CLKYTTA: I’m still struggling with Reply Dad as a villain. This just feels so wrong.

Drama Geek: I agree, I don’t think I actually heard any of what was said. But I tend to shut my brain off when bad guys in the past ramble their evil schemes to gisaeng.

KMUSE: I think we can safely say that even the mermaid is a reincarnation situation.  Their personalities are extremely different and the historical mermaid doesn’t seem to be able to take care of herself.  That is different from our current mermaid who is a lot more thug than the damsel in distress type.

CLKYTTA: I agree with you KMUSE, they are not the same person. I like our modern mermaid even if she is a thug!  I’m all about a girl who knows what she wants and goes out and grabs it.

DRAMAROOKIE: That’s where I’m confused. Is she the same person? I assume that modern Lee Min Ho’s character is a reincarnation of Saeguk LMH. But hasn’t the mermaid been swimming along her immortal way all this time? She even had the jade bracelet. It also fits with the precedent the writer set in My Love From Another Star:  a timeless, youthful being falling for a mere mortal. Since that show was such a hit, you would think the writer would milk the same cash cow. But, if that’s the case, why doesn’t the mermaid seem to recognize him and claims that she doesn’t have a name? Is there mermaid amnesia, too? Too many questions!

KdramaJen:  Maybe she is the same, but she wiped her own memories to save herself from the pain?  I love the modern version of her sassy self, though.


Drama Geek: I think she ended up being a damsel in distress because they knew to get her legs first. The modern day version hasn’t been attacked like that. I’m also confused about if she’s the same person. Maybe whatever happens to her  with past LMH rids her of her memories. They’ve never said the amnesia thing is human exclusive. She might have actually chose to take her memories of him away. I guess we’ll have to wait and watch it unfold to see.

KMUSE: I will note that the mermaid tails of the modern and past mermaid are different colors.  One gold and one more a pearl color.  That indicates different people right?  So confused.

Smooches & Losing Memories


KMUSE: I just wanted an excuse to put up this picture again.  It is visually so pretty.  We also now know that Lee Min Ho lost his memory of Mermaid Jeon Ji Hyun.  I am guessing she didn’t want him to remember the whole mermaid aspect since she promptly starts traveling to Seoul to find him again.

CLKYTTA: Have we established that she can control the memory loss?  She seems so regretful and she goes after him to find him so I wonder if she really can control it.  Also, I am in awe of how she manages to look so beautiful underwater and I really hope they are taking good care of her.  It has to be so hard on her body to do all of that underwater work.

DRAMAROOKIE: Hope everyone isn’t rolling their eyes as I reference the other show again, but in My Love From Another Star, it added real conflict that the alien got sick every time the leading lady kissed him. This mirrors that conundrum if amnesia ALWAYS follows a kiss. How can they ever truly be together!

Drama Geek: Haha, DRAMAROOKIE, that’s my concern too. Can she control it or is it every time she kisses someone they forget her? KMUSE: Hahaha it is like 50 first dates, the mermaid version.

KdramaJen: I am fine watching this scene over and over.  They are just a stunning couple.


KMUSE: I did appreciate that our leading man is smart enough to realize that something is wrong.  Facts are not adding up and he obviously has some missing memories.  Not to mention he isn’t just going to let it go but dig into what he forgot and why.

CLKYTTA: He’s a con man, and he doesn’t like that he feels like he’s been conned.  I really feel like that helps this storyline move along and I like it.

Traveling to Seoul Like a Fashionista

KMUSE: Mermaid Jeon Ji Hyun is epicly awesome.  She can literally make anything into a fashion statement.  No one can rock a clam shell purse and mismatched flip flops like she can.

DRAMAROOKIE: That clam shell clutch cracks me up. A girl needs her purse, even if she’s a mermaid. I want to know what’s in there. Mollusk mascara?


CLKYTTA: She makes homeless look like haute couture. Meanwhile the rest of us would look and smell like something the tide brought in (ha ha) and no one would be willing to help us at all.

Drama Geek: Does anyone else think that the shell purse might start popping up all over Korea?

The Thug Life

KMUSE: I thought that this was adorable.  Unrealistic, but the cute level between this little girl and Mermaid Jeon Ji Hyun made me wish for a mommy/daughter drama in the future.

CLKYTTA: Isn’t this the same little girl from Marriage Contract?  I love her!! She was such a little thug in that movie so it seems fitting that she’s teaching our Mermaid how to not be a thug.


Drama Geek: At first I was thinking this was a bit high on the cheese monitor but then the girl turned out to be adorbs and they really were the cutest together. Mommy Ji Hyun really shone through.

KdramaJen: I loved this scene.  The little girl seemed like such a little adult.  I was really drawn in by her mature acting.

Birthdays and Aquariums

KMUSE: YAY!  They finally found each other again.  This show’s strength is the OTP so when they are separated, it makes me sad.

CLKYTTA: I am loving all the visuals.  I’m really impressed so far with how well LMH is doing with his facial expressions and body language because I’ve always considered his acting to be quite wooden and forced.

Drama Geek: He is doing really well in this. I do find that when he’s in the past he always looks like he’s itching to get out of the hanbok garb, but in the present he wears this conman role like a glove.

KMUSE: I also appreciated that Lee Min Ho went straight back into supporting Mermaid Jeon Ji Hyun even though things seem a bit wacky.

CLKYTTA: He can’t help it and he doesn’t know why, but he has to protect her.

Drama Geek: She confounds him and I love it.

KdramaJen: I love how she leaves him off-balance in a way that he is just not used to feeling.  He is usually able to get out of almost any situation with a flick of his lighter and a few pretty words.  He just can’t shake this girl, and it leaves him shaken.  It’s fun to watch.

Bad Guys:  Our Thoughts

KMUSE: So far I enjoy the modern bad guys more then those in the past.  They are not the best evil foes ever, but they have time to grow still.

CLKYTTA: Still not feeling Reply Dad as a killer.  I do like the stepmom as a villain though, she’s sly and sneaky.

Drama Geek: Ugh, the Evil Stepmom during the scene where they were alone she was vile then the dad shows up and she’s totally comforting. Made me want to punch her. No wonder Joon Jae doesn’t want anything to do with his father’s family.

KdramaJen: I am not really feeling the evilness of the villains.  Maybe I am too used to the witchy queens from the Mane of Glory dramas, but I am not feeling a credible threat.

Falling In Love Again

CLKYTTA: I loved this scene.  Who doesn’t love a good fireworks scene? Her protecting him from the fireworks was classic.  He’s fascinated by her and it confuses him.  I’m a sucker for this kind of storyline.  Please don’t let him turn into a jerk in some misguided idea that he is protecting her.

DRAMAROOKIE: I find it interesting that she threw herself on him as a shield during the fireworks. She thought the sound was a gun. This girl doesn’t know how a cell phone or an escalator works, but she recognizes gunfire? Is this a clue to what happened to them in Joseon times? To me, it’s another hint that she may be the same girl as Saeguk mermaid.

KMUSE: Doesn’t this reference the guns from Spain?  That is what I figured.  She remembers having the guns fired at them and it being dangerous.  Anyway…….. maybe I was forgetting something since I tend to stare at our leads rather than listen to dialogue sometimes.

DRAMAROOKIE: True. I hadn’t connected it with the gangsters

Drama Geek: Their physical comedy during this scene was awesome. And then her total and complete wonder at the fireworks felt almost magical.

KMUSE: I think when it is all said and done, I love watching them fall for each other again.  It makes me appreciate how truly nice Lee Min Ho’s character is.  No matter how odd or embarrassing Mermaid Jeon Ji Hyun is, he just roles with the situation and maybe explains how to do things properly.  He doesn’t mock her, or push her away (at least not for long), and is just a pretty nice guy.  Something we usually don’t get much of in Kdramas.  This might be the nicest character Lee Min Ho has ever played to date.

KMUSE: And who else loves that he is too embarrassed to ask her to say “I love you” to see if the voice in his memory matches hers.  SO CUTE!!!!!!!!

Let the Jealousy Begin

CLKYTTA: Our mermaid is so smart! I have to say I’ve always loved JJH, but she is KILLING it with her spot on facial expressions.  That “back off” look is pure jealousy perfection.

DRAMAROOKIE: JJY makes the smallest scene hilarious. And can I just give props to the other actress, as well? I rooted for Shin Hye Sun as the shy, backward school teacher in the recent family drama Five Enough. (Her chemistry with Sung Hoon was fantastic.) Now she’s got a new hair color and a mean girl vibe to go with it. I totally believe her both ways.

KMUSE: Oh my gosh!  I didn’t even realize it was the same actress.  She is doing a great job of unrequited pushy 2nd lead.  Not unlikable per say, but definitely pushy.

KdramaJen: My favorite actress is JJH, so I expected great things from her.  I love her comedic side, but the thing that is truly special about her is her ability to go from that to sultry to sentimental in seconds.  It’s pure talent.



Drama Geek: I loved the instant shift when the new girl walked in. You do have to look at the mermaid from this girl’s perspective and she’s a total mental case. Who acts like that when a cake is served? And she knows Joon Jae doesn’t bring just anyone to his house so she has to be really confused by this situation.

KMUSE: The best was that Joon Jae (Sigh, I might have to learn his name although in my head he is still Lee Min Ho) didn’t even try to explain and just ran with it.  Loved how his attention kept swinging back to our mermaid.  Have I mentioned that I really love this OTP?

Choosing Foolishness Over Smarts

CLKYTTA: I knew this was going to happen.  He feels like something is wrong and he’s willing to break all of his rules to make sure she is safe.

Drama Geek: She will make him break all the rules he’s set to protect himself from crappy people like his dad and stepmom. It’ll be fun to watch.

KMUSE: SQUEEE!  I love that he wants to protect her no matter how lacking in logic it is.  Can’t wait to watch Lee Min Ho Joon Jae come charging to the rescue.

KdramaJen: So… A hammer and a nail as a murder weapon?  Maybe there is credible evilness in this one after all!  I hope our mermaid girl takes him out.

Our Thoughts:

CLKYTTA: I am really enjoying this storyline.  I’m still not feeling Reply Dad as the villain and I find it hard to take him serious as the villain even though the actual character is quite evil.  I appreciate the chemistry between JJH and LMH, and I think that it will only get stronger as the drama progresses.  I am loving all the cameos, I think they make this show even more fun.

DRAMAROOKIE: I see others gushing over the sweeping Sageuk story and wishing for more of it, but I’m more invested in the here and now. I’m all about the slapstick, cake in the face parts. I know it’s not subtle, but it just makes me happy.


Drama Geek: Yeah, I’ve seen people wanting more sageuk story but I think that’s where LMH is weakest. He just doesn’t seem comfortable. But it doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy that part. I think it still has a lot of answers to give us about our mermaid. But I do love the present, and I find the side story of his mom pretty funny. The concept of your reincarnated self being very present within your current being is strong in this drama and it’ll be interesting to see how much the writer uses that.

KdramaJen: I am enjoying this and savoring every moment, like licking the ice cream bowl-level of savoring.  Maybe it is because it feels like there are very few Kdramas keeping my attention at the moment, but this one is definitely one I look forward to watching each week. Long ago or modern day, I am happy as a clam.  Is it Wednesday yet?

KMUSE: I am all about the modern story.  Although I do appreciate how pretty the historical scenes were filmed.  I just want more fish out of water (pun intended) hijinks and I will be happy.

Til next week,

The Fangirls


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