Legend of the Blue Sea Recap: Episode 13

.;a1.pngDue to an award show preempting our show on Thursday, we only get one episode of Legend of the Blue Sea this week.  But what an eventful and fun episode it was.  Come join us as we chat sexy skinship, crazy bad guys being crazy, and everything in between.

We Need More Scary Dreams

KMUSE: Now this is what I consider good skinship.  Everything from the hugs, the sexy snuggles, the quick kiss, worked in giving me all the feels I have been wanting from the past kisses.  Now if we can just bottle all of this sexiness up and throw it into the next mega smooch I will be a happy fangirl.

CLKYTTA: Yes!  We have skinship and a really good snuggle scene. The cherry on top is a kiss that isn’t awkward! I had hoped that eventually she would move down to his bed and we’d get a sweet scene like this.  I’m a sucker for a good snuggle scene.

Dramarookie: So cute. And I’m so jealous.

Drama Geek: So much in this scene worked. I feel like the director stepped back and just let them snuggle naturally. I will be disappointed if this natural interaction is limited to this one scene.

Joon Jae Likes Me!


KMUSE: Ha. I love that this was the only thing on Cheung’s mind once she believed his confession.  Even better was that Joon Jae got a silly smile on his face every time he listened to her inner dialogue.  These two are just cute cute cute.

CLKYTTA: She really is every girl who has been in love. She’s literally invincible right now. I am loving Joon Jae’s reaction to her giddiness. The writers are really doing a great job with our OTP’s reactions to each other.  I am really appreciating how much emotion and insight we are getting from Joon Jae. It’s refreshing to know that he’s enjoying her so much.

Dramarookie: If he can listen to her singsong all day long and still smile like that, it must be love.

Drama Geek: This part of their relationship is the best and I don’t want her to ever find out he can hear her thoughts.

Who’s His Mother?


KMUSE: I was waiting for this moment and it didn’t disappoint.  Poor 2nd lead girl.  She just isn’t meant to be a part of this family.

CLKYTTA: I loved that Mom snubs 2nd lead and hand feeds our mermaid.  I liked Mom in MLFAS and I think these two actresses are great paired up. (Drama Geek: I totally forgot she was her mom in MLFAS. That makes that scene so much better.)


CLKYTTA: I wanted to yank all of this girl’s hair out and slap her ten ways to Sunday.  She is so unbelievably selfish.  She is her own worst enemy.

Dramarookie: I don’t know if it’s because I like the actress, but I really don’t hate this character. Her machinations amuse me more than frustrate me. I think I’ll enjoy watching her lick Ahjumma’s boots for awhile.

Drama Geek: I was pissed at first that she actively kept them from meeting. But then once she went in and verified they were mother and son I wasn’t as mad. It was just fun to see her so off kilter when she realized groveling was in her future.

A Son Betrayed

KMUSE: Yes, it sucks that daddy doesn’t love you as much as you thought he should.  That is still no excuse to let your psycho mother murder him without saying anything.  Bitterness can only go so far in excusing your actions.

CLKYTTA: This guy has serious Daddy issues. No matter what he does he isn’t Joon Jae and he can’t replace him.

Drama Geek: I’m supposed to care. Do I? Not really. This is where I think the show is the weakest. I wish the stepbrother had been played by a stronger actor. I’ve also realized that the guy that plays dad is better when he’s in a more comedic role.

And He Goes Crazy Evil in the Blink of an Eye


KMUSE: Oh crap. Stepbrother tipped over into the evil zone.  I guess when you are the son of two serial killers the odds are against you, but I was really rooting for him to overcome his birth issues.

CLKYTTA: I knew this was going to happen.  I knew it when Joon Jae’s family picture was broken and stepbrother gave him the look.  This guy was all a facade, and now his true colors are coming out. Now, we all know that he could still be redeemed, but I don’t think so.

Dramarookie: I still have my fingers crossed for a redemption arc, but I think he’s got some crazy coming before he gets there.

Tragic History

KMUSE: Watching the tragic end to the historical version of our OTP brought tears to my eyes.  Yes, I think historic mermaid could have been a lot smarter when it came to just about everything.  But despite that, I did believe their love was real so was extremely touched when they died together.  A well done ending to the past lives.  Now let’s focus on not letting history repeat itself.

CLKYTTA: This was so sad, and I actually teared up.  Honestly though, it was a really good tragic ending.  She wouldn’t have been able to live without him and I don’t think he would have been able to live without her.  While I’m glad to move on to the future OTP, I have a soft spot for our historical couple’s romance also.  I liked that they loved each other all their lives and that they had a pure love for each other.

Dramarookie: Sorry, y’all. No tearing up for me. I seriously dislike saeguks and this is a perfect example why. They’re so sweeping and dramatic and unnecessarily tragic. All the mermaid had to do was swim away, because it really didn’t look to me like she was trapped. You would think the net staring her in the face might have been the first clue. If not that, then the multitude of arrows flying through the water. If not that, then the bloody arm. The hero gives his life to save hers, the important word being SAVE. Then she immediately commits suicide, which negates his sacrifice. Ugh. I hate saeguks. I’m so glad Mermaid 2.0 came back with a brain!

Drama Geek: Haha. My opinion falls somewhere between all of yours. I think the mermaid looked silly for not swimming away faster. It was probably the fault of the filming since she didn’t look trapped. But I also found the scenes underwater gorgeous and very touching. Props to both of them for portraying so much emotion under water. Probably not the easiest to do.

The Cliffhanger

KMUSE:EEK!!! I can’t believe they didn’t tell us what happens in the doctor’s office.  Is crazy killer going to find our hottie when he is helpless?  I hate that we have to wait a week to find out.

CLKYTTA: Crazy Killer has his hand on the door and Joon Jae is in a trance on the other side, this does not bode well. Please let our cop friend bust in and save Joon Jae!

Drama Geek: I’m not sure why I’m not worried about him. Possibly that we have 7 episodes left. LOL. But I’m very curious where we’re headed from here.

Our Thoughts:

KMUSE: I remain very invested in our couple’s plight for happy ever after. I also worry that there are becoming more and more obstacles in the way of their happiness.  Specifically in the form of our recently turned evil stepbrother and Joon Jae’s conman buddy who might become a threat now that he is being left behind.  Ugh, the suspense.

CLKYTTA: I think we will have a wrap up of crazy killer’s storyline soon and he will go to jail and evil stepbrother and his mom will take over.  I’m thinking that he’s going to try to steal our mermaid from Joon Jae through some kind of misunderstanding.  I also think that between 2nd lead girl and the buddy we have lots of opportunities for a big misunderstanding and break up of our OTP.  We all know that there has to be a break up and a make up. I just hope it’s a short break up and a sweet make up.

Dramarookie: Is this a 16 or 20 episode drama? I’m hoping for 16, cause I know 20 means more angst. But I’m still enjoying it (except that the annoying, intrusive music cues were back this week) and I’m very bitter that there was only one episode this week. So mean.

Drama Geek: This is a twenty episode drama so angst will be a coming. I still remain invested in our OTP and mildly interested in the rest. Is anyone dying for Tae Oh to find out she’s a mermaid?

Thanks for joining us for our shorter recap this week!  Be sure to join us again next week as we find out if our bad guys become more proactive and whether Cheong ever realizes that Jae Joon can hear her thoughts.

Til next time,

The Fangirls

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