My Secret Romance: Episode 7 – Takin’ care of business

IMG_5017Our leads stop tiptoeing around and get down to business this week. Cha Jin Wook keeps taking small steps toward our heroine, and she is slowly reciprocating. Is this just the calm before the storm, or can two drama characters really remain honest about their feelings for five more episodes without any noble idiocy? I guess there’s always a first time.

Kiss #2 (or #1 if last week’s was a dream)

IMG_5038The show refuses to tell us if Yoo Mi really kissed our hero last week, although 57% of you voted yes in our poll. So was their first reunion kiss in the hospital or not? Turns out it doesn’t matter, because our devastating leading man decided to make dreams into reality. This boy has more tricks up his sleeve than Houdini. He keeps Lee Yoo Mi (and the audience) deliciously off balance with his toe-curling cuisine when he gets her alone at his house. She licked his finger first, it’s true, but her moves seem artless and unplanned. Jin Wook, on the other hand . . . let’s look at the photographic evidence.

He fakes her out with the lean-in, which she totally falls for, then turns off the lights. Warns the girl not to drop the plates because they’re so expensive. Gives her a light peck as an “appetizer”, and pulls back to see if she’s still “hungry”. Then he offers the main course. And still remembers to help support the expensive dishware.

I just love how she stays with her hands frozen in the air after it’s all over.

The power has shifted

It may seem like the man holds all the power in this relationship. But when you look at the facts, you discover a very important detail. Cha Jin Wook is totally whipped. Lee Yoo Mi declares that she can’t see him because she has to spend time with her dog, and he meekly agrees. She changes her mind at the last minute, texts him, and he sprints out of the room to meet her. Business requires him to go out of town and he insists on taking her with him. Secretary Jang tries to point out that the expensive resort has a perfectly capable chef, but he’s having none of it. He even think she’s sparkles in her grim reaper suit. Yep. He’s a goner.

The box of humiliation returns

IMG_5052Lee Yoo Mi FINALLY discovers the true contents of the jewelry box. She’s embarrassed, but not as much as you might expect. She didn’t phone in her resignation or avoid her pushy boss. In fact, we get a flashback to the “morning after” when she first discovered the bra pad was missing, and then it’s revealed that she KEPT the other one. These kids are so sentimental. Once the two pads get together, maybe our couple can have them framed.

You look better that way

IMG_5058Hye Ri goes looking for Hyun Tae to woo him as a guest on her television show, and I almost didn’t recognize her. When she’s not pouring on the aegyo for her wanna-be father-in-law or showing off for her co-workers, she appears almost normal. Frowning looks good on her. I find it hard to trust people who smile ALL the time. It makes you wonder what they’re hiding. If Hye Ri dropped the perfect princess mask, she might start looking human.

Returning to the scene of the crime

IMG_5084Cha Jin Wook neglects to tell Yoo Mi that their business trip is at the hotel where they first met. (Smart move, since she tries to bolt when she finds out.) He even picks her up in the same car. Is he hoping lightning will strike twice? But why did the show find it necessary to have the waiter dump wine on her? I hope the writer has a plan besides following the hapless, but adorable clumsy girl stereotype.

The main couple made serious progress this episode. But trouble waits in the wings. Jin Wook’s father called out the blood hounds, so we may have meddling parents soon. He’s so gung-ho for grandchildren that he might actually be happy with a nutrionist, but it’s doubtful. I shudder to think what will happen when Yoo Mi’s mother discovers her daughter is dating an heir. Let the fawning commence.







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  1. I think that the old man already has a grandson. The problems will begin when he finds out who her mother is and about the little boy. Nobody is going to believe that her mother has a child that young. Just my thoughts.

  2. I was wondering if the father was of an age to have seen Our Heroine’s Mother’s films. After all, first impressions are often the most important. She still seems pretty fit to me . . .

  3. Haha! She looks so clueless in front of him bcz he doesn’t drop any hint.Like that kiss which was impromptu.She got stunned after the peck. Haha!I love this guy who alwz challenge YM.Dad’s entry spiced up the scene

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