Forest of Secrets: Teaser’s Pros and Cons


Well, this drama is starting off with a huge, beautifully shot, intense teaser that has me itching to solve whatever mystery  Jo Seung Woo & Bae Doo Na are investigating.  It is almost time to start another great weekend TvN drama and Forest of Secrets looks like it will be full of intrigue and gritty politicking.  Just what I like in my suspense dramas.

SYNOPSIS: A brain surgery during childhood caused prosecutor Hwang Shi Mok to lack emotion, even though he is rational. Cold and lonely, he’s one of the only prosecutors not involved in corruption. He then meets Police Lieutenant Han Yeo Jin at a murder crime scene and they work together to eradicate corruption at the prosecutor’s office and solve a serial murder case.


KMUSE: I am thrilled that this drama is finally happening.  It has felt like forever since the casting was announced and finally we are starting to see some of the end results of this awesome pairing of actor megastars.   Also, a quick note.  Forest of Secrets will now be starting on June 10th!  TvN is switching it’s weekend dramas to a Saturday/Sunday timeslot in order to fit in another drama slot on Wednesday/Thursday.  Three dramas a week from TvN is something I can totally get behind.

DRAMA GEEK:  With all of my US shows coming to an end for the year, I am so glad that some of the Kdramas coming out look intense and full of intrigue. Don’t get me wrong, I love a great fluffy rom-com, but I love when I’m on the edge of my seat most of the episode. And this teaser gives me the sense that I will probably being doing it the whole way through.

Teaser Pros:.;a1a1

  • KMUSE: I love the cinematography already.  It has that slight noir vibe and I got chills with all the near misses between our leads.  The scene where it panned on Bae Doo Na’s character than shifted focus to Jo Seung Woo behind her was amazing.
  • DRAMA GEEK: I’m with KMUSE, the eerie vibe pulls me in right away. I feel like both of these actors thrive in intense roles and I can’t wait to see how well their acting is paired with this director.
  •  KMUSE: SQUEEE!!!!! Jo Seung Woo & Bae Doo Na are so intense.  I already can feel the acting talent leaping from my TV screen.
  • DRAMA GEEK: Aesthetically they both meld into the dark background and feel very much a part of this gritty world. I’m excited because it looks like Bae Doo Na will have a very strong leading role in this. She is a dynamic actress who can handle action scenes as well as, or better, than any of her male counter parts. (If you don’t believe me look up clips of her from Sense8). She also has a grounded and very real sense to each character I’ve seen her portray.

Teaser Cons.;a1a

  • KMUSE: The biggest con was that it was a measly minute long.  I need so much more to fill my inner fangirl’s appetite for  Jo Seung Woo & Bae Doo Na.
  • DRAMA GEEK: Other than the synopsis, I have no idea what the drama is about.  But I can guess it will be a gritty murder mystery and that our two leads will work together to catch the bad guy. So from a creative stand point I’m not sure this drama really catches my eye, but the two leads and the look of this teaser are enough for me.
  • KMUSE: I think at this point my biggest fear is that this drama is just not going to click with international fans.  Most of my kfriends are not even aware of who these actors are, let alone willing to go into a genre that is obviously not fluffy nor filled with romance.  It makes me want to cry at the thought that they will be missing out on something that is potentially amazing.
  • DRAMA GEEK: I’m curious if Bae Doo Na will bring in the international audience. I know once my husband finds out she’s in it, then he’ll probably agree to watch it with me. Other than that I don’t know how it will do, but domestically I feel like Jo Seung Woo will probably bring in a good audience since he’s very popular from his movie career.

I am sure we will mention this drama again in later posts, but for now, check out the long teaser and tell us what you think?

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  1. I can imagine watching this – I like mysteries that are not necessarily romantic – but I’m not really enjoying the recent spate of “brain surgeries gone wrong = emotionless” tropes. It seems like a lazy way of writing a character who is able to withstand political/corporate bullying in Korean society. Like. you need to be “crazy” to be able to be a good person in today’s Korean society . . . just give me some characters who enjoy their jobs, are competent and want to be good people and I’ll be a lot happier.

  2. I for one LOVE these two! I’ve seen all of their dramas (neither have very many) and almost ALL their movies! If Netflix picks this up, there will thousands of International fans flocking! The problem is exposure. BDN has been doing mostly movies overseas and hasn’t been in a drama since 2010. JSW didn’t enter the dramaworld until 2012 and I’m sure a lot of people didn’t watch his first.

    As JSW did theater more than dramas, his movie retinue is AMAZING!! Movies like Classic, H (he was SCARY good), Marathon, Tazza, and Sword with No Name, just to name a few shows his versatility! I wouldn’t be surprised if people have seen him before but just don’t know it!

    As you can tell my enthusiasm is in the stratosphere on this one!

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