Suspicious Partner: Episode 7 & 8

.2a87b1My love for our quirky OTP (One True Pairing) continues as they join forces (and living quarters) to find the killer that changed their lives so drastically.  But all that cohabitation plays havoc on Bong Hee’s self-imposed restraining order, not to mention Ji Wook’s attempts to be the mopiest lawyer in all of Seoul.  Join me as I chat all my favorite parts of episodes 7 & 8!

Two-Year-Old Grudges

We open the episode to a frazzled Bong Hee lamenting over her love that can never be, all while the door of her office is left wide open.  The whole time she was moaning on the couch the only thing I could think of was that the killer was going to show up in the lit hallway.  But nope, color me surprised! When, instead of a scary doorway scene, we discover that the killer is already in the room!  Eeek!


Bong Hee discovers a mysterious box on her desk, not just any box, but a box filled with the shoes she was pining over early in the day.  Attached to the lid was a note that states “If you look for me I will look for you.”  Double EEEK!


Bong Hee quickly dials Ji Wook’s number, and says that the killer had been in her office. For that matter, the killer might be still there.  At that moment The Killer slips out the door behind Bong Hee’s back.  Seeing the movement, Bong Hee dashes after him despite the warnings to stay safe from a frantic Ji Wook who is still on the phone.

Unfortunately, Bong Hee loses the man without even seeing his face.  Ji Wook is furious at Bong Hee for putting herself in danger, but our leading lady just states that she was excited that they finally have a lead to the killer.  She is hopeful that she might be able to catch the person that ruined their lives that night two years previous.


It is at this time that Ji Wook realizes that Bong Hee’s living state is much worse than he thought.  Considered a killer by society, the only cases she can get are from creepy people who are almost always guilty.  She has no money, no food, and is at the very end of her rope.  So, of course, that means that Bong Hee should promptly move in with him, for protection purposes of course.

Bong Hee is not the only one that is having people from her past suddenly showing up.  Ji Wook also has some interesting interactions with two former nemeses. The 2nd we will comment on later in the post, but for now let’s talk about our resident psycho, Ex-asshat boyfriend’s father.  Not only is he trying to destroy Bong Hee’s life for what he considers her crimes, but now he is continuing with his grudge against Ji Wook.  Using the rumor mill, Jerk Father lets it be known that he and Ji Wook have fought.  Which makes any lawyer in his group who loses a case blame Ji Wook for their bad luck.  And since Ji Wook is highly disliked by all his fellow coworkers (except Eun Hyuk and CEO Byun) it begins to work.  Not that Ji Wook really cares since he sees all his fellow lawyers as bottom feeders.

The Self-Imposed Restraining Order Didn’t Last Long

I was so impressed that the writer’s addressing the concept of romantic stalking in the last episode. Of course, some of that was lost when Bong Hee kept her vow to not stalk Ji Wook for all of ten minutes.  But hey, at least it was mentioned.  In a culture that has romanticized following a person until they return your love, this is a big step.


It also turns out that Ji Wook is 100% totally oblivious that he had even been stalked to begin with.  Ha, the boy is crazy hot, but observant when it comes to women, he is not.  This is confirmed by his prosecutor bestie, Section Chief Bang.  Chief Bang informs Bong Hee that there is no chance that Ji Wook was giving her secret messages to stop stalking since he was unaware of it from the beginning.

Although, he might have a clue now after catching Bong Hee watching him sleep.  Ha.  That girl is one hot mess of a lovesick fool.  A lovesick fool who got to count Ji Wook’s eyelashes as he slept so obviously she is doing something right.

I Heart Frenemies

UGH!  How am I going to survive the cuteness of these two guys (Ji Wook & Eun Hyuk) together?  Their constant bickering is just so adorable.  Eun Hyuk is quickly rising the ladder to the same level of love that I have for our leads.  Let’s just hope that the introduction of cheating ex-girlfriend doesn’t ruin things.


Job Options

It is heartbreaking to watch Bong Hee have to debase herself in an effort to get a job.  Especially when that job turns out to be that of a visitation lawyer (lawyer who looks sexy to visit the inmates), in order to survive.  Her bright smile, hiding an inner pain just kills me.  It also is causing Ji Wook pain as he hears horrible things about the sleazes trying to hire her.  Just as Bong Hee is about to chuck her beer at the two jerks, Ji Wook grabs her hand and tells her they are not worth it, and drunkenly drags her home.


The next morning Ji Wook awakes to find himself in bed……NAKED!  Bwahahaha  The poor boy doesn’t remember anything past falling into bed with Bong Hee and assumes that they might have gotten their skinship on.  Bong Hee just plays coy in an effort to pay him back for his previous nonanswers regarding their last drunken sleepover.  PHtt.  I love these two so much.

UGH.  2nd Lead Girls

In recent years, I have noticed a wonderful shift from classic 2nd female lead tropes to a more realistic female.  A female with character development and layers, one that doesn’t always feel that she is entitled to a person’s love because she is rich and pretty.  Sadly, it is not looking like Yoo Jung is going to be that type of 2nd lead.  So far Yoo Jung has outright declared herself a bad woman who cheated but wants her original boyfriend back no matter his feelings on the subject.  UGH.  I dread having to see the fallout of this narcissist’s return.


Random Thoughts:

Don’t get me wrong, I love the killer suddenly showing up again in Bong Hee’s life.  It makes things exciting and it forced our two leads into cohabitation.  So good things have happened due to his reemergence.  I just don’t totally understand why he is suddenly showing up.  I am sure that banner about info regarding the masked biker has been up for a long time.  So why now?  Also, is he really a crime scene investigator or was that just a disguise?  Curious minds are clamoring to know.


I am also wondering if at some point the writer’s will take a look at Ji Wook’s inability to look past his prejudice to realize that the people he is defending are also worthy of justice.  I am sure he has a lot of scummy rich people that he has to defend, but there should be a few innocents among his clients.  I want him to just wake up from his epic mope and realize that he can fight the good fight on both sides of the courthouse.




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