Sparks fly between Yoon Doo Joon & Kim So Hyun in Radio Romance 1st teaser

I swear this was just barely announced a couple weeks ago and here we are with a 1st teaser and a release date only a few weeks away.  Eeek!  How time flies when you are a kaddict. 

I really like the idea of focusing a drama on the live radio shows.  It is ripe for the pickings and I am surprised this hasn’t been a trope before now.  That said, for once, I have to agree to the people that are screaming about the age difference.  This time, it is very noticeable and Kim So Hyun is supposed to be playing a character in her mid to late twenties.  Yah, I’m not buying that.  I am just hoping for a good plot and strong character growth that can distract me from the odd pairing.

Radio Romance will air on January 29th.

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