Should We Kiss First releases reflective teaser

I will be honest in admitting that I am not sure I am in the mood for an honest and realistic romance.  But when I consider that the leads are Kam Woo Sung (Spring Day) & Kim Soon Ah (Women of Dignity) and I might be persuaded.   Especially when the teaser is just so darn pretty.

Should We Kiss First is the story of two people that have been beaten down in the love department and are at the point they just don’t want to spend the rest of their days alone.  So they begin a mutually beneficial relationship that is based on realistic needs and not love.

Both of these actors are veterans at the melodrama genre and there is a good chance their chemistry will be amazing.  That said, the screenwriter has written multiple dramas that didn’t click with me which might be the deciding factor that tanks the likelihood of me adding this to my queue.  Check out the teaser and let me know what you think.  Is this a must watch or we’ll see if people like it, and then I’ll watch kind of drama?  Should We Kiss First begins airing on February 5th

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