Podcast Episode #37: Chinese version of Hogwarts? Yes please!

So. . . due to weather and airport complications after the BTS concert this past week we were not able to record our regularly scheduled Still 17 Podcap.  But never fear, since it will be ready for next week.  In the meantime, join Kmuse & Kdrama Jen as they discuss their latest Chinese drama addiction Fights Break Sphere in today’s Cozy Chat.  We promise you that it is more interesting than the title makes it appear.

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One thought on “Podcast Episode #37: Chinese version of Hogwarts? Yes please!

  1. Yes, this has been a rather fun little show so far, even with the rather crappy CGI and less than stellar sound editing. 🙂 Little Leo Wu is shaping up to be a pretty good actor. Watching him in Sand Sea/Tomb of the Sea atm too. The Shifu is supposed to be an old geezer, hence Baron’s gray hair. Guess only his hair ‘aged’, ha.

    The drama is actually based on a web novel, that has like gzilion chapters and goes by the name ‘Battle through the heavens’. I think it’s still being translated to English. I read some of it last year out of curiousity, until I lost interest as all they seemed to be doing was having these alchemy “cooking” competitions, to try to level up. Boring as heck. 😀 There’s also an anime, two seasons so far and 3rd one coming up next year.

    I’m hoping Drama doesn’t follow the original content too closely as there’s only so much of endless competitions and battles with varying opponents one can take before it all gets kinda old .

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