Drama Teasers of the Week

The next wave of new dramas is nearly upon us, and we have a LOT of teasers for you. Come see what your next drama binge will be!


Ok, this trailer confused me and then made me hungry, and I can’t decide if that’s a good thing or not. I suppose the confusion will be all cleared up on December 11th.

The Uncanny Counter

November 28th NEEDS TO COME FASTER. I’m so excited for this drama! Netflix and I are gonna be best friends for a while.

Twelve Legends

Jasper Liu!!! I think there were other interesting things going on in this trailer, but JASPER LIU!! This is a historical fantasy drama about a rock who wavers between being a deity and a demon, and the goddess who has loved him for a thousand years.

Run On

The adorable romance begins on December 16th.

Cheat On Me If You Can

I . . . did not know that peppers bled like that. Also, she is a ruthless, ruthless gardener. Starts on December 2nd.

No Touch Princess

This teaser had me laughing SO HARD by the end. I canNOT wait to start watching it! The madcap antics begin on December 12th.

Which dramas are you excited for? Let us know!

The Fangirls

Dramas with a Side of Kimchi

3 thoughts on “Drama Teasers of the Week

  1. Can’t wait for No Touch Princess/Mr. Queen with my girl Shin Hye Sun! Teasers are hilarious! Anything Jasper Liu I need to check out, so Twelve Legends.
    And of course I will definitely be watching C Drama The Wolf which just premiered on Nov. 19. Hope it lives up to the hype.

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