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I just can’t with Taemin. Somehow, with these last two albums of his, he’s achieved a level of professionalism in his dancing and his singing that seem untouchable. Come see what I thought of his latest album, Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 2.

ALBUM THOUGHTS: If Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 1 was about destruction and regret, Act 2 is all about acceptance and reconciliation. The two albums seems to be the opposites sides of the same coin, and that duality is reflected in a couple of the tracks themselves.


The feather and sky concept is interesting — it reminds me of BTS’ “Black Swan”. The lyrics suggest the singer is torn between the idea of themselves and the fact that it’s killing them to reach it. Putting together the conflict of the artist from “Black Swan” and what seems to be the concept of “Idea” makes for a deep, thoughtful song that also has an amazing bass line, driving the listener all the way through the journey with them.


Interpretation is often about choice, and what I choose to see in these lyrics is an invitation into a relationship where the partners can be safe to express themselves freely, and how that freedom will feel like heaven.


“Impressionable” is one of the songs that feels like the opposite side of a coin. In this case, I think it’s reflecting “Famous” from Act 1, and could be describing the intriguing relationship between performer and audience — how it’s both alluring and disturbing on both sides.

Be Your Enemy

Ok, this song was NOT what I expected from the title. The feel of it, musically, mirrors “2 Kids” from Act 1. However, the lyrics are unexpectedly sweet, an offer to be a safe place where someone can be angry and upset and still be loved.

Think Of You

I love this song! It’s all about turning to the person who is your safe space. Read the lyrics — they’re AMAZING.


This song is a total club jam, and probably gets the least play from me. However, if EDM is your thing, you’re gonna LOVE this song.


THIS SONG. This song hit me right in the feels the very first time I heard it, and it does every time I listen to it. I’ve heard it’s a love letter to Taemin’s fans, and trust me, I’m singing right along with the chorus. “How lucky am I?”

I Think It’s Love

This sweet ballad about realized love is beautiful and light and lovely.


This is the perfect song to end the album — introspective, then strong and determined, and, at last, accepting.

Y’all, my love for both of these albums knows no end. I don’t know what the future holds for Taemin, but Never Dance Again: Act 1 and Act 2 are a rare gift, and I absolutely treasure them.

Until the next musical journey, I remain —

Karie the Maknae

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  1. Listened to both Act 1 and Act 2 on your recommendation. Dang! I have been missing out! I think my favorite tracks are Heaven and Be Your Enemy.

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