Podcast #120: Pick the Patron’s Pony

We played a fun game with our patrons and had them tell us a bit about their drama tastes and then we randomly picked three people, so that The Fangirls could pick which drama we thought they should watch. Come see if there are some new drama choices for you.

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6 thoughts on “Podcast #120: Pick the Patron’s Pony

  1. Hi Ladies… thanks for the picks! It’s tough to choose… I think Healer might be first, from the Maknae’s recommendation, and then My Girlfriend is a Gumino. I want to see the Korean Sweetheart, pre-military Lee Seungi. Thanks again!

  2. So… I actually landed on Love Sick (probably because it’s on Netflix and that’s where I was flipping through last night)… and I spent the first episode wondering if I was watching the right thing. I recognized some of the actors from another series I watched, but someone should have warned me that this was a Thai BL musical. Lol.

    • Sorry, I meant to comment the other day. The first episode is total crap, and I should have stated that in the podcast. It’s the only part of season 1 that isn’t pulled from the source material and it shows. If you can push past that, the OTP is worth it. Also, don’t feel bad if you fast forward the side stories, I did on my rewatch with Clkytta. 🙂

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