A Positive Recap – Word of Honor Ep 9-12

Outside factors put in motion by Wen Kexing start to inflict damage on our OTP’s relationship. Come find out if their feelings can overcome Wen Kexing’s need for revenge. Or if they are doomed to be separated because of everyone’s greed.

Romantic rooftop drinking

Nothing is more romantic than staring at the stars, drinking wine with the one you love. This proves true when our two lovebirds take a moment to relax and spend some quality time together. Their me time is disturbed when some people there for the hero convention start fighting in the street below. They kill each other, and Zhou Zishu finds a piece of the fake Glazed Armor.

Kmuse: SQUEEEE!!! This was such a great scene. I love these quiet moments that our OTP gets now and then. That is just all about them being together.

Drama Geek: I think this is the scene where they look like they could be holding hands from behind. I love when they show them talking close, not just because of the physical closeness, but because they are usually saying things to each other without actually saying the words.

Kdrama Jen: Honestly, it really is these moments that feel the most intimate. They just seem to connect in such a beautiful and quiet way.

The Five Lakes Alliance are having a hero convention

In case you didn’t get the announcement from the millions of times the head of the Five Lakes Alliance announced it, they have a hero convention where all the sects are gathering to do hero stuff. And by hero stuff, I mean a fight over all the pieces of glazed armor. Fights begin right away, with everyone killing everyone else to get the all-important glazed armor jade.

When asked by Wen Kexing if he wanted to be a hero, Zhou Zishu answered that “Only inexperienced people want to be heroes. The experienced know that each stroke to write the word “hero” is written in blood.” You can tell that this answer just makes Wen Kexing fall harder for his “soulmate.”

Kmuse: I know that I’m probably the only person interested in all the political sects stuff, but I am enjoying this story arc. Much more the second time around because I actually understand what is going on. Viki’s subs really do make a huge difference when it comes to this drama.

Drama Geek: I think this is where the show’s lower budget hurts the most. There will be no huge hero convention and it will come off a bit cheesy. I do appreciate how everyone killing each other for the glazed armor brings out new and interesting conversations between our couple.

Kdrama Jen: I am always down for some politicking and backstabbing. It just wouldn’t be a Chinese drama without some gratuitous bloodshed and fratricide. Luckily, this is the perfect backdrop for two soulmates to grow closer.

Tragic soulmates

Wen Kexing and Zhou Zishu are not the only soulmates in the martial world. Four elderly friends also claim that they are soulmates and retired together from the martial arts world to spend the rest of their days together. They came back due to an invitation for the hero convention only to be killed by the other sects when it is suspected that they have some of the glazed armor. Three are killed, and the final one commits suicide, not wanting to continue with his soulmates gone. But before he dies, he denounces everyone’s greed over going after power.

Wen Kexing watches on, devastated that his revenge plan had such tragic consequences to innocent people. Especially with people who represent the feelings he has for Zhou Zishu. A guilt-ridden Wen Kexing tries to dig a grave for the four slain warriors with his sword and only comes out of his funk when Zhou Zishu arrives. The two fight when Wen Kexing is confronted with what happened and shouts out hurtful words to Zhou Zishu. The two separate to get drunk, despairing over this new problem within their relationship

Kmuse: This was such a tragic situation. People’s greed really does destroy everything that is decent, and it is sad that good people get caught up in Wen Kexing’s revenge.

Drama Geek: But… did Wen Kexing really cause their deaths? Yes, he tossed some gasoline on the fire, but the soulmates wouldn’t have come to the hero convention if they also didn’t have some stake in the glazed armor. I feel that everyone’s need to either obtain the armor or keep it from everyone is what is causing all of the problems.

Kdrama Jen: It’s all fun and games until your soulmate instigates murder and mayhem… This scene was actually really powerful. Wen Kexing was in absolute despair. I thought it was really well-acted!

Crazy Wen Kexing is hot

So…. we finally get to find out who the leader of the ghost valley and the most feared of the ten ghost devils is. It is our favorite hottie Wen Kexing who has decided to continue the embracing of his crazy side. We get a scene where he confronts his underlings about not successfully getting his piece of glazed armor back and ends up killing one of the head ghost’s underlings. Who knew that a hottie choking another person to death could be so, well, hot. Crazy looks really good on our sad leading man.

Kmuse: Everyone knows that I like my characters to be more in the ethically grey territory so having Wen Kexing strangling people really works for me. Especially when he gets that really crazy-eyed looking going on right before he crushes their throat. What can I say? I love the bad boys.

Drama Geek: I’m not watching a second time like Kmuse, but I thought Wen Kexing didn’t really care about obtaining the armor, he just wants to throw everyone else into chaos so they’ll all kill each other. Anger. with a crazy glint in his eye, does look hot on him. (Kmuse: But his piece of the armor he had was stolen so he sent his head ghost people to retrieve it. But he also wants them all to suffer and kill each other so really it is both reasons.)

Kdrama Jen: It does feel a little wrong to find his crazy side attractive, but I think it is because it is such a contrast to the way he absolutely drips sugar from his lips every time he talks to his soulmate. It is almost hard to believe he could also be this ruthless.

The flute of love

The flute doesn’t really have much significance in this episode; it is just Wen Kexing fluting while Zhou Zishu tries to recover from his nail issues. But do we really need an excuse to love the reemergence of the flute?

Kmuse: I love me a good fluting visual and Wen Kexing is very pretty playing his flute.

Drama Geek: The flute comes into play during a beautiful scene in next week’s episodes so I’ll save my appreciation for it then. Flute + Kexing + Rain = HOT. Go about your day now. LOL

Kdrama Jen: Well, now… Anybody who has taken a university-level literature class would be having quite a lovely time identifying all the metaphors.

Chengling is kidnapped by The Scorpion Assassins.

Poor Chengling continues to suffer from the piece of glazed armor that is stitched inside him. Not only is he not doing overly well physically, but he is tricked into leaving the confines of his uncle’s estate and is kidnapped. His four kidnappers are underlings of The Scorpion King, who are searching for his piece of glazed armor. The two females waterboard the poor boy while the two male assassins end up getting killed by Wen Kexing and Zhou Zishu, who are (separately) coming to the rescue. Zhou Zishu arrives first and tries to save Chengling alone, but his injuries are too serious to take on them all by himself. Thankfully, Wen Kexing arrives right after and is enraged that his “soulmate” looks beaten and scares the female assassins away.

Kmuse: I love how anytime something is hurting Zhou Zishu, Wen Kexing’s intensity goes into overdrive. The actor is doing such an amazing job of showing his feelings and letting that powerful crazy burst through whenever he starts fighting. Also, the fight sequence between Zhou Zishu and the three assassins is one of my favorites so far. The directing of that scene was really well done.

Drama Geek: But… can we talk about stitching things inside your body?????? I honestly thought Chengling was a bit wimpy up until now, then I found out he’s been walking around with a foreign object tucked into his skin.

Kdrama Jen: If you don’t want people to find something, then simply stitch it inside your body. Brilliant! Other than the risk of infection and silly stuff like that, I think it is a brilliant plan. Now, as for that fight scene… Perfection!

Call me master

Having escaped the assassins, Chengling once again asks Zhou Zishu to be his master. This time Zhou Zishu agrees but insists that Chengling get rid of his piece of the Glazed Armor. Chengling is reluctant since his family died protecting, and doesn’t he owe it to his family to continue? Zhou Zishu explains that a person is more important than any artifact.

We also finally get the backstory of the Glazed Armor. Wen Kexing shares the tale of the five brothers and their friend who decide to collect all the important texts and teachings of the martial arts world and put them in a giant cavern. Many of these texts were stolen without consent, creating a lot of anger among everyone. Rong Xuon was turned into the bad guy of the group, supposedly poisoned, and went crazy. He was killed while the brothers of the Five Lake Alliance looked on. Each had a piece of the key (Glazed Armor) and could open the cavern only if combined. Judging from Wen Kexing’s reaction when telling the story, he has something to do with Rong Xuon.

Kmuse: I’m worried about what will happen when Chengling finds out that Wen Kexing is involved with the people that murdered his family. I don’t want this cute family dynamic to change.

Drama Geek: But, it sounds like Chengling’s family probably had something to do with killing Wen Kexing’s family. I assume they died trying to protect whatever texts the five brothers stole from his family. Either way, I think our little family will have a hard time when they find out who Kexing really is.

Kdrama Jen: I am looking forward to seeing how everyone deals with this revelation. I think it will provide some really powerful moments.

Avenue X

If you are like us and want to watch all the extra content, you can then check out this video that discusses the actual words used vs. the dubbed dialogue. It adds a whole new level to our OTP and gives more reference to all the flirty poetry that Wen Kexing uses. They really add a whole new level to the experience.

Final Thoughts:

Kmuse: I continue to be invested in our OTP and am super excited with the new dynamic added to Wen Kexing’s character development. I’m also interested in finding out Zhou Zishu has figured out. It is obvious he knows that there is something more to his “soulmate” than meets the eye.

Drama Geek: I am 100% in for all the flirting and our OTP. I needed a break from some of the other dramas I was watching for the podcast, and binged through 16. Let’s just say that when grumpy Zishu starts flirting back, it is just one big delightful scene after another.

Kdrama Jen: I love this show! I adore this couple too. I seriously can’t wait to push play on the next episodes!

Til the next flirty moment,

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