Top 5 Kpop MVs: Solos Make the World Go ‘Round

This week’s post is all about those solo efforts, plus one rookie band that caught my ears with their unique vocals. Come check out this week’s top five kpop music videos!

Taemin – “My Day” (Navillera OST)

Love this sweet, nostalgic ballad by one of my favorite voices in kpop. And it’s from one of my favorite airing dramas, which just increases the appeal. 

Kim Sung Kyu – “Hush”

Whatever is in the training that the members of INFINITE get, I am HERE for it. This solo number from Kim Sung Kyu is compelling and rich. I totally have it on repeat, and I think you should too. 

Jackson Wang – “LMLY”

The solo life is treating Jackson Wang very, VERY well. I’m loving what I’ve seen from him so far, and he keeps getting better with each song. I mean, “there’s no drug quite like denial” is a KILLER line! He’s building on his talents — he directed the MV too. Come see how he did! 

Hoshi – “Spider”

The dedication to the spider theme in the MV’s choreo is INSANE. Add to it Seventeen’s Hoshi’s unique voice and superb range, and “Spider” sticks in my brain like a spiderweb.

BAE173 – “Loved You”

The raspy vocals of BAE173 are completely captivating. Loving the pop art feel of the MV, and danceable beat of the song. Plus, you can never go wrong with a giant leopard — watch the MV and see!

BONUS TRACK: “On The Ground” covered by Gaho and KAVE

Gaho’s covers are ALWAYS works of art, and “On The Ground” is no exception. I have this MV on repeat as I desperately wish that I could find them on Spotify. You HAVE to check this out for Gaho’s miraculous vocals if nothing else. 

What’s been finding its way onto your playlists lately, music fans? Drop down in the comments and let me know! And for you Kingdom fans, tune in next week for MiataMama’s recap!

Until the next comeback, I remain —

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