Doom at Your Service Recap: Episode 8

Doom and Dong Kyung give into their feelings as what remains of the ninety days quickly slips away. But will these feelings leave anyone happy after everything is over? Come find out as I chat episode eight of Doom At Your Service.


As you know, there are a lot of suggestions of plot that could be taken in different ways. And so far, I have not been great at guessing where things are going. This means my recap might have some issues here or there. So thank you to everyone who has shared thoughts on different interpretations of various scenes. It has really helped me make sense of what is happening. When I see with additional plot info that I am wrong, I will be going back and fixing the past recaps to reflect the correct events of the show for later readers. So keep the comments coming. They are really helping me get everything straight.


We left episode 7 with Dong Kyung hanging out in the hospital, having taken off her red fated bracelet and Doom striding the hallway to wrap her into his arms. Deciding that even though he had brought so much hardship into her life, he couldn’t just leave her alone. They fake bicker back and forth over Doom doing a crappy job of staying hidden, and then settle in to comfortably have a chat. At which point they have a frank discussion that Doom isn’t just the bad things in life. He is what equalizes the positives and negatives. You can’t have beginnings and summer without having winters and endings. In other words, Doom is just as important to having happiness as the other aspects of life, and Doom can go tell that other child god she said so.

They both seem to be on the same page for once, and that is the moment that Garden God gets involved once again. Within a blink of an eye, a storm rages outside the hospital, and Dong Kyung disappears. Doom frantically searches for Dong Kyung, but she has been completely erased from existence, even to where her friends and family have no memory of her. Instead, Dong Kyung is actually hanging out in God’s garden, where she is holding the ever-present pot of dirt. Only, this time there is the smallest bud popping up from the dirt. God tells Dong Kyung she wanted to thank her since this plant has been fed on her misfortune, and thanks to her, Doom finally felt pity for someone else other than himself.

God also lets slip that she is doing everything for the well-being of Dong Kyung and Doom, who she loves very much. Dong Kyung will be miserable either way. She will either doom the world, or she will live, and her loved one will die. Either way, she will be miserable, so she was trying to keep Doom from suffering as well. Although, the way she phrases it makes me think that she is putting trials before our OTP to make them grow. Because, as she says, if something is just given to a person with no hardship, it won’t be appreciated. She then sends Dong Kyung back to Doom, and we get a pretty epic back hug. It looks like the separation brought our OTP even closer together. Just like God had planned? Maybe?


Dong Kyung is back at Doom’s house, and half her home is connected with Doom’s in its usual combination. I can’t express how much I missed that their rooms were not connected during their separation. Dong Kyung is telling Doom about her time in the Garden when her younger brother bursts into the house. Muttering about her escaping the hospital, Dong Kyung’s brother stops short when he realizes that his sister’s apartment is a bit different than usual. Doom ends up sharing the truth about his Diety status and what is going on with his sister. But then pops them all back to the hospital room and erases the brother’s memory, letting the boy think it was all a dream.


Doom and Dong Kyung are out walking along a walkway that is lined with dormant Cherry trees. Dong Kyung reflects how much she always loved the blossoms in the spring. They brought back memories of her family and going to a local amusement park. Dong Kyung comments that she is sad that she didn’t appreciate the blooms last year, not knowing that it would be her last chance to see them. Doom looks intently at Dong Kyung, and we see a blossom flutter down in front of her face. Glancing up, Dong Kyung looks down the street, which is now bursting with Cherry blossoms. Sweetly smiling, Doom says that he can take them back in time to when they are blooming so that Dong Kyung can relive those moments. I don’t know about you guys, but this was a truly swoony moment that made my heart flutter.

Living in the moment

It looks like both the men in our secondary love triangle are ready to share their feelings as well as the truth about the past. And in true drama fashion, they both arrive at Writer Bestie’s apartment within minutes of each other. Editor Jo Ik is inside at her table about to confess his fake messages back in the day while his roommate, Cafe Hottie, rings her doorbell. It looks like things will actually come to a head this time, but I have been tricked before with this writer. So I won’t be anticipating the confrontation till I actually see it with my own eyes. However, I’m still firmly Team Editor.

A magical evening

Just like earlier in the day, Doom takes both himself and Dong Kyung back in time to a spring night. Throughout the evening, they discuss their thoughts on death, leaving loved ones behind, and in a roundabout way, the future. There even is some super intense kissing on the giant Ferris Wheel. But the best part for me was when Dong Kyung is talking about already having wished (remember she wished for Doom to fall in love with her.) Almost offhand, he replies that if that was her wish, it wasn’t something she needed to use a wish on. WHAT? SQUEEEE! But before Dong Kyung can really process what Doom said, they bump into someone Dong Kyung recognizes. There before her are her father and mother buying cotton candy for a younger version of her and her brother. Doom had taken her to the specific night she had referenced earlier. The perfect day with her family. Before she can go talk more with her parents, they flash to the present, where Doom apologizes for not being able to keep them there for longer. Behind them, a woman steps behind Dong Kyung with a suitcase. For a second, it looks like her mother from the past, but Dong Kyung suddenly calls out Auntie. It looks like her Aunt from Canada has come back to Korea.

My Thoughts:

If you are asking for an OTP with chemistry for days, you could not ask better than Doom and Dong Kyung, which makes up for a lot of what is bugging me about the plot. Who wouldn’t be dazzled by the sizzling kisses and the longing glances that pass between our leads? However, I feel that with a more straightforward plot, I would enjoy it even more and not constantly be trying to keep everything straight in my head. This writer is really big on the circling plot, slowly filling in all the details until you reach the middle and have the full story. But when you are dealing with contacts and romantic backstory, this style of storytelling can be frustrating, especially when you are trying to keep it all straight for a recap. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a horrible script, and the premise is top-notch. It is just some of the execution that keeps me from really sinking into the world that has been created. But I do foresee that this will be a great rewatch once I have all the info, and I can really just enjoy and not have to think so hard.

Until the next questionable wish,


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  1. Team Editor all the way!!

    I agree that OTP sizzle is off the charts, but the ambiguous plot is tiresome. It took me a long time to “get” this show, but you know what show also has off the chart OTP chemistry AND a straightforward plot? My Roommate is a Gumiho. It is checking off all my check boxes (except not shirtless scene, but there’s only 4 eps so far so I have hope). When is someone going to talk about that show?!? I love Doom, and I love Gumiho even more.

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