5 Reasons You Should Be Watching Racket Boys

The Korean drama Racket Boys is halfway over, and I just feel that there is not enough buzz out there in Dramaland about this amazing gem of a show. So I figured I would try and nag you all to join me in watching since there is nothing I like more than making others watch great drama. So join me as I share the five top reasons you should check out this show.

#5 Bringing the Feels

If you loved Prison Playbook, then this is a must-watch drama for you. It has the same writer and the same slice of life writing style. This writing style is perfect for creating connections to all the characters and what happens as they live their lives. I didn’t think it was possible, but I might even be more overwhelmed emotionally with this than I was with Prison Playbook. At least once an episode, I just have that moment that makes me happy to be alive. When you have so much stress coming from everyday life, this is the perfect show to renew your faith in humanity.

#4 Found Family

We have so many great connections between the youths, the coaches, and the villagers. The crossover between these three groups provides unlimited stories that describe village life, competitive sports, and changing family dynamics. I love that this writer really delves into looking past the outward appearance of people into what they really need emotionally.

#3 Quirky and Likable Villagers

Usually, you don’t have third-tier characters that you really become invested in. That is not the case with the Villagers in Racket Boys. Not only do they all have distinct roles to play in the town dynamic, but they create a strong found family for all the people moving in from the city. I could easily watch a whole drama just about these characters having town meetings and snooping into everyone’s business. They are a true treasure.

#2 Middle School Romance

We don’t often get a real to life romance from dramas. They usually are either setting up some epic high school romance or a dramatic entanglement for characters in their twenties/thirties. But in Racket Boys,we get immersed in the feels of first love. The kind that is awkward, hormonal, and sometimes one-sided. Rarely have I seen a group of kids have such a natural experience, and I swear this could have been me back in the day, trying on lip gloss to impress the kid down the block.

#1 Tang Joon-Sang

Tang Joon-Sang is one of those actors where you know they are going to make great things in the future. After getting attention from his small role in Crash Landing on You, he exploded onto the small screen in 2021 with back-to-back dramas Move to Heaven and Racket Boys. He is proving that he has the skills to play varied characters, and Tong Joon Sang keeps the focus on him anytime he is on screen. If you want to jump in at the beginning of a fandom, I think this actor is the one to choose!

There you go, five solid reasons to start this drama ASAP. What are your favorite moments, and are you as hooked as me? Whether you are just starting it or sucked into the feels, let me know in the comments.

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3 thoughts on “5 Reasons You Should Be Watching Racket Boys

  1. I love this show! Every episode has some wonderful heartwarming moments and life lessons that resonate. The writing is top notch! I love all the characters and watching them mature with each episode. My favourite is seeing Yoon Have-Kang being vulnerable and caring with his new friends. He’s built up walls but they are coming down as he begins to feel accepted and part of the team. I don’t understand the low ratings on IMDB. It deserves more than 1/10. I give it a 10/10.

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