Top 10 Kpop MVs: Mid-Summer Medley

Believe it or not, we’re already half-way through summer break at my house! My kids might have started complaining of boredom, but I can’t say the same. Summer is the best season in Kpop and my playlists are exploding!! So, whether it’s a song to pump you up and get you moving or slow you down and chillax, I’ve got you covered. Come check out this week’s Top 10!

LUCY – “I Got U”

Every time this song comes on it’s an instant dance party at my house! I’m always a fan of groups that have a little something different that makes them stand apart from the crowd. And Lucy’s unique combination of violin and techno-pop is fresh and fun – I’m loving this new summer bop!

Ha Sung Woon – “Sneakers”

You know that one song on your playlist that comes on that causes you to instantly break out into a smile and feel happy?! Well, “Sneakers” is that song! If only I could don my favorite pair of sneakers and fly away to join Ha Sung Woon as he dances around the beautiful island of Jeju. . . 

Kwon Jin Ah – “I”

I have a special place in my heart for doo-wop tunes and this sweet love song was just the song I didn’t know I needed. Kwon Jin Ah’s beautiful voice coupled with her jazzy piano chords is dreamy perfection! 

NIve – “Escape”

If you’re looking for something a bit more gritty, “Escape” might just be that song! I love that NIve balanced his signature light and airy vocals with some soulful, growly lines. Between the restless lyrics and the driving pulse of the music, I found myself fully immersed in the urgency of the story this song portrayed.

Han Seung Woo – “See You Again”

Sometimes I just need a good ballad and Victon’s Han Seung Woo is bringing all the feels with this sentimental song about lost love. His vocals, accompanied only by the piano, are absolutely gorgeous!

Loona – “PTT (Paint The Town)”

I don’t listen to a lot of girl groups regularly, but Loona just dropped a comeback album this past week and their title track “PTT” caught my attention. Maybe it’s the Indian-inspired music or the unexpected chorus drop – either way, I’m enjoying jamming along with these fierce ladies! 

Lee Seung Yoon – “Unspoken”

One of the things I most enjoy about music is coming across new (or new to me) artists to listen to and share with my Kbesties! Lee Seung Yoon is not new to the music scene, but this new single just caught my attention! (He recently won the on the Korean TV show ‘Sing Again’, that gave a second chance to previously debuted singers who didn’t originally make it big.) I LOVE the bright indie rock vibe he’s got going on – he’s having so much fun in this MV! And I’m having so much fun with this song!!

BamBam – “riBBon”

The members of GOT7 have been happily embarking on solo ventures since they parted with JYPe and BamBam just dropped a new mim-album featuring this bop! Bright colors and fun dance steps highlight a very bouncy and smiley BamBam – he’s definitely excited to show us a ‘better verison’ of himself and I think fans are delighted to see it!

Omega X – “VAMOS”

This new group has started off their debut with a bang! My first listen through and I was hooked, but then again I’m a sucker for strong sounds, especially when they’re backed with a Latin vibe. After diving down the Omega X rabbit hole, I discovered that all 11 members have previously debuted with other groups that didn’t end up making it. This is a second chance for them, and one they’re taking very seriously – I will definitely be keeping my eyes on these guys!!


JUST B is another rookie group that rolled out with a solid debut this week. Their title track is giving me EXO vibes – the powerful chorus is especially captivating. I was also excited to see former I-Land contestants Geon Woo and Ji Min taking to the stage with this new team. 

BONUS (English Kpop) TRACK: BM – “Broken Me”

Kard songs are often hit and miss for me, but this solo song from BM is hitting all the angsty ’90’s alternative vibes from my youth, so I just had to add it to my playlist. I dare you not to sing along too!

Hope you found some new music to add to your Kpop playlist this week – drop down to the comments and tell me what other new songs you’ve picked up this summer!



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