Top 6 Kpop MVs: Make It Pretty

Kpop has so much variety that I can always find something I want to listen to or look at, no matter what mood I’m in — reflective, energetic, classy, or mysterious. Come see the different types of pretty I found for this week’s top kpop MVs!

Key – “Hate That…” feat Taeyon

Ok, if I ever wanted fashion tips from a celebrity, Key is the first person I would go to. His choices may not always make sense to me, but he absolutely makes what he has WORK. In “Hate That…”, he and Taeyon have gorgeous sets, gorgeous clothes, and gorgeous vocals that bring me right into their emotional journey. 

Oneus – “Life is Beautiful”

I love that Oneus can have hard-hitting songs like “Come Back Home” and “Valkyrie” and then transition seamlessly into refreshing vibes like “Life is Beautiful.” And then to throw in a Green Day callout — PERFECT.

MCND – “Movin’”

MCND’s last album, MCND Age, was one of my favorite albums of 2020. “Movin” is a great entry from their newest album The Earth: Secret Mission — it’s not as fast-paced, but the energy and bright colors and solid harmonies are still there. 

BTOB – “Outsider”

BTOB’s performances on Kingdom made me a fan, even though they’ve been on my radar for a long time. “Outsider” channels an inexplicable Rat Pack vibe, and I’m LOVING it. Not quite sure what to make of the random zombies, though….

Lee Eun Sang – “Lemonade”

This is a perfect late-summer bop! Lee Eun Sang’s voice is perfectly highlighted by the song, and the camping and dedication to the lemonade theme were well done.

Ha Hyunsang – “Burning Sunset”

I never pass up a chance to listen to Ha Hyunsang’s melodically-gifted voice, and “Burning Sunset” keeps the trend going. He’s grounded, he’s ethereal, he jumps while playing his guitar — he’s the whole package!

BONUS TRACK: Nell – “Beautiful Jeopardy”

Nell’s ethereal sound, this dreamy song, and Lee Min Ki’s unique looks and charisma work together to create something beautiful and lovely with this MV. 

What’s making your playlist pretty right now, music fans? Drop down in the comments and let me know!

Until the next gorgeous MV, I remain —

Karie the Maknae

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