Top 5 Kpop MVs: Color Burst

Spring has sprung and colors abound in this week’s kpop MVs! From a 2nd gen idol making a comeback to a rookie group whose colors are as bright as their footwork, come enjoy the bops that are making my ears sing.  

Kim Junsu (Xia) – “Hana”

I’ve been a fan of Kim Junsu/Xia’s voice and over-the-top MVs since I discovered “Flower” and “Tarantallegra” years ago. “Hana” is a perfect entry into his discography – very listenable, very watchable, and proof that this idol knows EXACTLY what he’s doing. 

NCT Dream – “Glitch Mode”

I feel like NCT Dream is bringing the summer vibes to us early with “Glitch Mode” – the colors, the bop, the energy! I’m here for the “late night at the video store” feeling and the powerful dance break. 

D-Crunch – “Addiction”

The muted color palette and dreamy atmosphere of D-Crunch’s latest single keep the focus on the glass elements of the MV – the flying logo prism and the stained glass windows – and on the vocals themselves, where it rightly belongs. 

BAE173 – “Jaws”

Comic book color is the name of the game in BAE173’s “Jaws” and it is SO MUCH FUN. This rookie group is solidly making their way into the kpop world – their harmonies are on point and the choreo is crisp and clean. 

Suho – “Hurdle”

Grey Suit, Suho’s 2nd mini album, is a TON of fun and showcases his vocal versatility splendidly. “Hurdle” harks back to the wild, brightly colored kpop videos that prevailed in 2nd gen kpop, and Suho’s falsetto is used brilliantly to add a lot of fun to this solid song. 

BONUS TRACK: Kang Daniel ft. Miyavi – “Hush Hush”

This collab is SO AWESOME! I love Kang Daniel’s voice paired with Miyavi’s amazing guitar work. The song is from Rookie Cops and the MV contains spoilers, so just treat your ears to the song if you haven’t been able to watch the series yet (sends some serious side-eye Disney’s way). 

What songs are bursting onto your playlists this week, music fans? Drop down in the comments and let me know!

Until the next comeback, I remain —

Karie the Maknae

Dramas with a Side of Kimchi

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