Top 5 Kpop MVs: A Little Bit of Newtro, A Little Bit of PSY

PSY has been dominating the Kpop world this week with his 9th album, PSY 9th, and the subsequent MVs! Fun fact: the “Celeb” MV with Suzy was made THREE YEARS AGO, right before the pandemic ground the performance world to a halt. iKON and Monsta X have had some excellent newtro entries into kpopland as well – this week has been an absolute delight to the ears. Check it out!

(Newtro – new retro, or a modern interpretation of retro styles.)

Monsta X – “Love”

Monsta X’s distinctive vocals always elevate their songs into something that is uniquely theirs, and “Love” is no exception. With a bass line straight out of 90s hiphop and tight choreo lighting up the elegant stage, “Love” is a fun blast to the past.

iKON – “But You”

In their first comeback in two years, iKON is rocking the newtro synth trend with this 90s-influenced techno ballad. The boys are looking good for their break, and their harmonies and Bobby’s raps are on point!

PSY – “Celeb”

Suzy and PSY have an incredible boppy energy in this colorful MV. There are some signature PSY moves in the choreography, and the whole song is just a ton of fun from beginning to end.

PSY – “Now” feat Hwa Sa from Mamamoo

The newtro is STRONG in this one, music fans! This 80s-themed ballad with Hwa Sa is a perfect fit for her voice and style – a trend I’ve noticed throughout PSY 9th and all its duets. I *love* the backup dancers’ outfits – they’re adorable! 

PSY – “That That” prod and feat SUGA of BTS

OH MAN. “That That” is a crapton of cowboy-themed fun, and I can’t get enough of Suga’s eagle entrance into the MV. Their friendly banter is a perfect fit for the song, and it’s totally earned the 100M views it’s garnered in the first week alone! On your second or third viewing, watch for the “Gangnam Style” and “Daechwita” Easter Eggs, and on the fourth one, turn on the CC and see how much fun they had with the lyrics. “Bro, did you forget what I do for a living?”

Ok, music fans, this week has convinced me to add other PSY songs to my playlists. What would you recommend? And how do you feel about this newtro trend? Love it or hate it? Drop down in the comments and let me know!

Until the next kpop chart domination, I remain —

Karie the Maknae

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