Top 5 Kpop MVs: Summer Goes POP!

The summer vibes are still going strong in kpop land! Come check out these bright, colorful bops from KARD, Aespa, Nayeon of Twice, Superkind (watch out for the AI idol!), and Tan – the kids are bringing the beats!

KARD – “Ring The Alarm”

With their consistent use of Latinx beats, KARD brings the dance to the party! “Ring The Alarm” is colorful and playful and everything I’ve come to expect from a KARD bop. Check it out!

Aespa – “Life’s Too Short”

Shout out to itsastarrynite for bringing this pretty song to my attention! Love the message, love the outfits, and love the voices. It’s just too adorable!

Nayeon – “Pop!”

I’m not sure there’s a better way to celebrate summer than with this MV! Nayeon’s fully invested in this bop, which is a lot of poppy, colorful fun. I’m dancing along, you’re dancing along, we are ALL dancing along!

Superkind – “Watch Out” 

I know it’s been done before, but having an AI member of the idol group is always a bit intriguing. The MV plays with jerky graphics and post-apocalyptic scenarios, but it’s fun and relatively innovative. The song is solid, too – I really enjoyed the whole experience. 

Tan – “Louder”

Tan is taking the post-apocalyptic scene to the next level with this MV! There’s a strong environmental message, but it doesn’t get in the way of the song being perfect for my Summer Bop playlist. And the blooper scenes at the end of the MV were a LOT of fun.

BONUS TRACK: Charlie Puth – “Left and Right” feat. Jung Kook of BTS

BTS may not be involved in group activities right now, but individually, they still have the power to break the internet! Well, maybe they just bring the views to the table. You know what I mean. This pop ballad duet is a great collab – JK and Charlie Puth’s voices blend well, though I bet you know exactly whose voice I like best…. :D

You can watch this week’s MVs right HERE:

Tell us, what’s going on your playlist today?

Until the next comeback, I remain –

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