Top Kpop MVs: Extra Chaotic Energy!

Ok, so Kpop has always been chaotic and energetic – it’s the main reason I love it so much; that kind of energy speaks to me. But this week’s MVs take it to the next level in so many ways! From fashion to sets to unusual characters, they’re the epitome of being extra in an industry that thrives on extra-ness. 

Stray Kids – “Case 143”

Can you believe Stray Kids introduced a dancing chicken and animated plushy hearts to this MV? I’m LOVING it. There’s also Felix’s deep-voiced solos, the hypnotic beat, and the pure innocence of the schoolboy scenes. They’re leaning into their comic-serious duality, and it’s working once more!

Mamamoo – “Illella”

These ladies are a smoother, more controlled version of chaotic energy, but check the outfits, the transitions, the settings – it’s still there. “Illella” is a compelling, danceable little ditty presented in true Mamamoo style. 

Baekho – “No Rules” 

A former member of the now-disbanded NU’EST, Baekho’s solo career is receiving a boost from this excellent ballad. The chaotic energy is in the action – the impulsive running through the hotel, jumping in the pool fully clothed, running along the rooftop, and much more. I’m glad we get to hear Baekho’s solid vocals even though NU’EST is gone – it’ll be interesting to see what a solo career will bring him.

UP10TION – “What If Love”

The chaotic energy is totally in UP10TION’s fashion – the MV and the song are actually quite calm — but I love it all the same. 

DKZ – “Uh-Heung”

Pretty sure when DKZ was created, “chaotic energy” was their one and only concept. With scenes harking back to BTS’ “No More Dream” plus graffiti-laden floppy windsock figures for backup dancers, the concept continues! The song is an easy club entry with its predominant beat and soaring vocals leading into the bass drop. And there’s FIRE! Really, what more could we want? 

Park Ji Hoon – “Nitro” 

Y’all, HE SWALLOWED A FIRE PILL AND HIS INSIDES ARE ON FIRE. Also, there’s blood. I’m sure he’ll be fine. In the meantime, enjoy Park Ji Hoon’s fine vocals. They go very, very well with his very extra MV. 

Dreamcatcher – “Vision”

My favorite girl group is back! Dreamcatcher is rocking the post-apocalyptic landscape with rich vocals and outfits that surely catch the attention of the enemies they’re supposedly avoiding. But they look good, even as they walk through raw electricity – their very extra selves will survive and THRIVE.

What’s your most favorite extra kpop MV, drama fans? Drop down in the comments below and let me know! I’d love to see it.

Until the next extra MV, I remain–

Karie the Maknae

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