Top Kpop MVs: 3, 2, 1. . . Pick Your Player!

Hello – 안녕, fellow Kpop lovers!!! Visiting friends and family might have kept me busy playing hostess over the last couple of months, but that didn’t stop me from adding a TON of new music to my playlists.  Boy groups & girl groups, bands, duets, and solo stars – it was so hard to pick my faves!! Ready to check out some new tracks?? 가자 – Let’s gooooo!!! 

Treasure – ‘Hello’

I LOVE Treasure title tracks – guaranteed bops, every single one of them, and ‘Hello’ is keeping their track record solid! This vibrant MV and energy-filled song culminates in a dance party I can’t help but join in on!!

Maka Maka – ‘I Am’

After discovering these rookies last summer (2021), I am delighted that MakaMaka is back with a new mini-album – ‘I Am’ has a fantastic boogie-pop sound that just begs you to get up and MOVE! 

Mamamoo – ‘1, 2, 3, Eoi’

In an era where girl groups seem to come and go in the blink of an eye, I appreciate Mamamoo’s steady presence in the industry.  They always bring their signature mature and sassy vibes, coupled with beautiful harmonizations! This B-side from their new mini-album is the perfect example!!

The Rose – ‘Sour’

If you have not yet had a chance to listen to The Rose’s newest album HEAL, I HIGHLY recommend doing so – it is one of those rare collection of tracks that resonates deep down in your soul. Until then I leave you with the bittersweet melody of ‘Sour’. . .

Rolling Quartz – ‘Nazababara’

The ladies of Rolling Quartz are back and continue to rock on with their talented selves! If only I had even the smallest ability to play an instrument. . . I want to jam with them too!! 

Kim Jae Hwan – ‘Back Then’

I’m also appreciating Kim Jae Hwan’s talented duality in his new rock ballad ‘Back Then.’ Whether playing with the band or showing off his dance skills, his emotional and passionate vocals don’t disappoint! 

Kwon Eun Bi – ‘Underwater’

The styling and choreography for this MV caught my attention first – I love her shipwrecked pirate/mermaid vibes! I also love the calypso feel woven throughout the melody of this song! ‘Underwater’ is quickly becoming an ear-worm for me!!

KiHyun – ‘Youth’

Monsta X’s KiHyun is back with his second solo album this year! His high-energy, nostalgia-filled title track is both an honest reflection of and yearning for days past. It’s a heartfelt bop – you don’t want to pass it by!!

10CM & Big Naughty – ‘Just 10 Centimeters’

I loved their previous collab, ‘Beyond Love’, and I’m enjoying this new duet just as much! 10CM and Big Naughty have a relaxed chemistry and ’Just 10 Centimeters’ is the perfect example of a chill and happy song!

Bonus Track: George Lam & Sally Yeh – ‘Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now’ (cover)

My C-pop bestie shared this clip with me a few weeks back, and while I wasn’t familiar with the artists, I was instantly captivated by this special performance. Having debuted 46 and 43 years ago, respectively, this very popular Hong Kong couple is still singing strong, with so much passion and joy – such a delight to watch!!

You can watch this week’s MVs RIGHT HERE:

Wow! I would love to keep on sharing, but alas, this fangirl has a suitcase to pack – Kpop concert fun awaits!! If you’ve had the opportunity to see any kpop artists live, who did you see?? Drop your concert story in the comments below!!



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