Top Kpop MVs: Refreshing

It was hard work this week, music fans, sorting through all the AMAZING new music to find the most refreshing kpop for your ears. But I succeeded, and I think you’ll have an excellent experience with all five of these artists, plus a bonus track from a Chinese musician that made me very, very happy. Come check it out!

Highlight – “Alone” 

Highlight has had its share of struggles over the last few years, so it’s refreshing to watch this comeback! The idols are all post-military at this point, but their choreography is as sharp as ever, and their voices are just as entrancing as before. This style is a new direction for them, and I’m loving it. 

YooA – “Melody” 

There’s a refreshing foundation under YooA’s breathy vocals, and it’s really apparent in “Melody.” If you’re missing trips to the beach, this MV will send you right back to summer.

Luli Lee – “Flame” 

You know what’s really refreshing? Watching a lead singer play the BASS. I’m also really liking the indie coffeehouse vibe of Luli Lee’s voice – this song is a great jam!

Kim Jonghyeon – “Lights”

I want to say Nu’est lives on in this video, but really, Kim Jonghyeon’s well-deserved solo is more than that. He’s captured the uplifting vibes of the song with his gritty voice and refreshing color scheme. (I can only work “refreshing” into these descriptions so well, you know? Anyway.) It’s a fun MV, and I’m excited to follow his career going forward. 

Lee Seok Hoon – “Distance” 

Lee Seok Hoon’s voice is refreshing – it’s light and crisp and so suited for the emotion of “Distance.” The selling point of this MV is Go Soo with long hair! He looks great, and I canNOT wait to see him in season 2 of Missing: The Other Side

Bonus Track: Richie Jen – “On My Way”

The experienced rocker vibe Richie Jen exudes in this MV is captivating, and the cinematography is EXCELLENT. I like his voice and the feel of this song. I really need to check out more Chinese rock! 

You can listen to this week’s music here on YouTube:

What’s making its way onto your playlist, music fans? Drop down in the comments and let me know!

Until the next comeback, I remain —

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