Top Kpop MVs: Old and New at the End of the Year

As we move through December, I’m finding the combination of new music from old favorites and new music from new favorites to be the perfect match for my mood. From Kang Daniel’s remixes and RM’s new solo album Indigo to debut groups Fifty Fifty and &Team, as well as new find Ovan, my playlist has a FANTASTIC variety. Come see what you’ll be adding to your playlists! 

Kang Daniel – “Nirvana” featuring pH-1, WDBZ

I am LOVING the remixed album – The Story Retold – Kang Daniel put out recently, and “Nirvana” is a big part of that. Granted, I am a sucker for Kang Daniel’s voice, so having some of my recent favorites to listen to again has made it a fantastic experience.

RM – “Wild Flower” featuring youjeen

RM’s darker vocals paired with the emotional depth of seasoned rocker youjeen has made for a memorable single, which means I’ve had “Wild Flower” on repeat ALL WEEK.

Fifty Fifty – “Lovin’ Me”

Brand new girl group Fifty Fifty has captured my attention! I really love their vocals, and their first album is a delight. Highly recommend. 

&Team – “Under the Skin” 

HYBE Japan’s newest boy group is a lot of fun, and I’m finding “Under the Skin” delightful. Do you think this multi-national approach to an idol group will work? Check them out and let me know! 

Ovan – “Celebrate”

Ovan is GOOD, and I don’t know how I missed out on his music before. I’ll be keeping an eye out for him from now on.

 You can enjoy today’s picks on this playlist RIGHT HERE:

What will you be listening to when you need a break from holiday music, music fans? Let me know!

Until the next comeback, I remain–

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