The Smile Has Left Your Eyes Episode 16 Finale Recap

Ok, it’s the last episode. Yay for me being right and they weren’t siblings! But…now what? Moo Young killed Creepy Sister CEO and I’m not getting Happily Ever After vibes here. Join me as we wrap up the final episode of The Smile Has Left Your Eyes. 

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Shopping King Louie Episode 16 (Finale) – A Viewer’s Fond Farewell

1a45I am slightly devastated that Shopping King Louie is over.  It has been a bright, comedic light in an otherwise very melo drama season.  How am I supposed to go on without my weekly dose of Louie and Bok Sil?  I guess I will have to satisfy myself with falling down the Louie youtube black hole (seriously, there are some great things out there…. check out the below Louie English FMV.)  But for now, let us do one more recap and find out how our story ends. Continue reading